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At St Severine's School for Turbulent Girl, young ladies between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one are sent receive the discipline they so desperately require...

In these three sexy stories, three innocent and not so innocent young woman are punished for their sins....

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

A horse-drawn carriage waited for me, and I was to sit alone inside of it - I was under strict orders to refrain from conversing with the coachman. My mother and father looked at me, the harsh expressions of last night melting away as they realized that this was happening - at eighteen years old, their precious daughter was being sent away. One last time, I decided to ask the question that they'd seemed uncomfortable with answering.

"Where am I going?"

My father heaved a sigh as the coachman came to retrieve my suitcase and put it in the boot of the carriage. Seeing as there was no turning back now, he decided to explain my fate to me, for which I was immensely thankful.

"We're sending you to Saint Severine's School for Turbulent Young Ladies. You'll attend for three years, after which the faculty will send you back home to us. If you work hard enough, you might be able to come back even earlier." He explained, his eyebrows furrowing in a guilty fashion that made me somewhat nervous.

"What am I going to learn there?"

My father looked down at his feet briefly, before shifting his gaze over to my mother. She bit her lip worriedly as she looked at me - I knew that this school was not going to be a pleasant experience for me, and the fact that my parents deemed it acceptable to send me there was infuriating.

I frowned, muttering my goodbyes. My parents saw me off with as much empathy and emotion as they could muster, and I climbed into the carriage with the utmost reluctance. The coachman took his seat at the front of the carriage, and suddenly, we were off. I closed my eyes, willing myself to sleep - I knew that this ride was going to be a long one.

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January 3
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