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When insurgents destroy a refinery, the owners, multi-national corporation Afgas, face bankruptcy. CEO Adnan Kovac devises a scheme to bring the dollars flooding back into the country. He needs a war which will plunge the country into chaos and suck in the major world powers. Their reaction is always the same, to send vast sums of foreign aid money. Money he can use to rebuild his refinery, along with the planeloads of troops to protect it. A former Taliban fighter turned mercenary, Akram Khan, will carry out a mass killing at a foreign junior school, trusting that international outrage will do the rest. The plan misfires, and the Taliban treat the murder as a rallying cry for a new jihad.

US Navy SEAL Lieutenant Kyle Nolan is on a recon assignment on a helicopter that takes him close to the wrecked refinery. Close enough to hear a call for help from men on the ground. He persuades the pilot to land in the middle of a firefight and rescue a man pinned down by enemy fire. The Coalition has been caught unawares, and armed bands have restarted the killing.

The country is ablaze with a new insurgency. Except this time, Afghanistan’s nuclear-armed neighbors decide to take part. Tanks mass on the borders, and jets engage in aerial duels. Missiles begin the countdown inside their silos. World War III is imminent, and only the death of the killer, Akram Khan can stop it. It is a job for a small, elite unit. A unit like Bravo.

This is a thrilling story of a US Navy SEAL Team, under pressure from enemies on all sides. Seal Team Bravo Black Ops: Afghanistan in Flames is by the bestselling author of many other Spec Ops stories. These include the popular SEAL Team Bravo titles, the Raider series, as well as Echo Six and the Devil's Guard series.

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April 4
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