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For nearly 200 years Jane Austen has fascinated women with her tale of manners, class, and romance. Mr. Darcy will forever be the epitome of the proud, romantic hero; Elizabeth Bennet, the intelligent, strong-willed heroine with high principles. Searching for Mr. Darcy is a playful romance which proves even today a real Mr. Darcy can be found.

MEGAN MILLS, 28, is a pretty, single, high-spirited, English teacher who takes a summer job as a secretary to a well-known Scottish writer. Meg is frequently rereading Jane Austen books or giving them to others to read. She is a dreamer, an idealist, and a true romantic believing she can only give herself to a man if she loves him. Few have met her qualifications.

DUNCAN MAC GRAE, (Scotty) 42, writes thrillers, born in the Scottish Highlands and educated at Cambridge, is divorced with a 21 year old daughter. He is handsome, fiery, imaginative, proud and prickly. He has a strong taste for whisky. Scotty is never without a woman unless he is writing a book.

MICHAEL WINSTON DARCY, 39, is British, educated at Oxford, single, reserved, and wealthy. Though not handsome he dresses impeccably, speaks 5 languages, is generous to a fault, the perfect gentleman. A friend of Scotty’s since prep school, Michael has idolized him for befriending and rescuing him from bullies. Megan meets Michael accidently in Italy.

As the story meanders from Manhattan to London, romps through Scotland, melts in Sienna and finally twists and turns in Scotland, Meg falls in love with both men. However, she loses each; one through a selfless act of love and one through a sudden death. When she goes into a tailspin, the love of Meg’s life steps forward to care for her in her darkest hour and reveals his unwavering love, just as the proud, romantic hero, Fitzwilliam Darcy, would have done 200 years earlier.

With Pride and Prejudice references woven in and out of the storyline, Searching for Mr. Darcy is a playful romance that will warm your heart.

February 22
Beverley Andi
Smashwords, Inc.

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