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Widower Finn Baylor's specialty is troubled horses, not troubled people. So when Lily Jacobs shows up with her damaged horse in tow, his first instinct is to tell her to get gone. Still trying to piece himself together, the last thing he needs in his life is a woman who won't take no for an answer, especially when all he wants to do is say yes.

Reeling from the accident that nearly claimed her life and made her horse unpredictable and dangerous, Lily is desperate to find some kind of normalcy. Out of options, Lily's last hope for her horse is the brooding Finn, and despite his gruff demeanor, she's not giving up.

Though he's done his best to close himself off, Finn finds Lily getting under his skin, and her determined spirit might be the last hope for his heart.

This book is a part of the Hearts of Three Rivers: The Baylors series. Each book stands alone as a complete read, but features appearances from other family members who may have their own story to tell in a different book. Amity's stories can best be described as 'sweet western heat', and contain open door bedroom scenes, but no frank language.

Hearts of Three Rivers

The Baylors

Runaway Heart (Dane & Ren Maddock)
Homecoming Heart (Noah & Emma Pierce)
Secondhand Heart (Finn & Lily Jacobs)

The Montgomerys

Secret Heart (Nate & Layla Sullivan)
Lawful Heart (Banks & Norah Clarke) 

Hearts of Heroes
(Military and serviceman related novellas that occur in the Three Rivers world)

The Cowboy SEAL's Bride (Lane Sutton & Miranda Davenport)

August 16
Amity Lassiter
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Malfunktions ,

Where's my blood pressure meds?

I have a confession. I didn't finish this book the first time around. It's unfortunately often that I come across a book I can't finish. Writing quality, characters backgrounds, story content and the voices the writer has given the characters are all reasons of this but not Amity's book. Oh no. I couldn't bear to endure their struggles. I couldn't live through the raw emotion. I couldn't handle it being over! Uncharacteristic of Amity's other novels, Secondhand Heart was approximately 25,000 words longer and thankfully so! Never has, in my opinion, there been a story of two pained individuals been able to collide, conflict and unite in 50,000 words. It's that simple. If so, then you would think they were vague and disinteresting. Again, my opinion.
Finn Baylor is infuriatingly stubborn and closed off but to experience his growth as a ruined man through inner conflict and then finally to resolve was refreshing to say the least. Lily Jacobs, on the other hand, is determination and drive packed into a tiny, blonde spitfire. Sure, the whole traumatic accident and now lifelong pain hinder her physically and mentally but her hearts strong. She didn't just will herself to survive, she willed herself to live! Live the life she used to. She just didn't see him falling into it.

Must read, bring tissues, and time to take a breather. You're going to want to brace yourself for what's coming.

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