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Abuse produces shame; shame makes us hide; hiding leads to secrets; secrets hidden in shame gives birth to Secrets Kept Out Loud. When we are victims of abuse or traumatic experience, we try to hide it from the world. The more we hide, the more we are convinced we are keeping our secrets. The longer the secrets are kept, the louder they get, not through sound although definitely within the confounds of our minds but are manifested through our actions, inactions, behaviors, perceptions, decisions, impulsiveness, fears, and at worst—paranoias. Secrets Kept Out Loud or what I call SKOLs (much like skull) because SKOLs can zombify you—looking like there is life on the outside but no life on the inside. SKOLs are birthed the moment you experience a traumatic experience your brain cannot process; they are manifested the moment you decide to keep it a secret. SKOLs make you feel as though you cannot love or be loved like something is wrong with you, they criticize you, ostracize you, ridicule you, and keep you “stuck,” unable to move forward or backward. But this is not the end of your story! My book will give you insight on how to regain your power over your SKOLs, to manage them, and to live and love again! In the book, you will learn about the TOSS triangle which consists of Awareness, Communication, and Trust. That’s right! If you act now, you will be able to regain what was once lost through abuse or trauma. I do not make claims that you will be able to “forget” or “undo” your trauma. Unfortunately, it will live with us for the rest of our lives; however, it doesn’t have to rule our lives! Take control today!

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February 17
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Christian Faith Publishing