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Do you want to be a smart partner in your relationship? Do you want to prevent terrible relationship mistakes? Why are you going to marry that person? Why do you often fight in the relationship? Are you the only one calling and texting to keep in touch? Secrets of Smart Love answers such questions and more.
Secrets of Smart Love gives tips, advice, and guidelines on what singles should know before beginning a relationship. The book reveals how you can identify an unhealthy relationship and common dating mistakes you need to avoid. This book gives insight into what love is, it also discusses lust, companionship, sexual temptations, and how to overcome them. The principles in the book will help singles to have a healthy relationship that will prepare them to build a solid foundation for their marriages.

You’ll learn:

-How to make the right choices before and during a relationship
- Ten love mistakes people make before marriage
-How to begin a new relationship
-Love mistakes people make on social media
-Why people choose partners unwisely
-How to know if that person is right for you
-What to do if you love someone who doesn’t love you
-Money and love
-Better Than Nothing (BTN) relationship
-Signs of an unhealthy relationship
-How to deal with a toxic relationship
-What do with a time-waster
-Relationship killers
-How to manage when you go through hard times in a relationship
-What you need to know before marriage
-Importance of marriage preparation
-Secrets of choosing a marriage partner
-Sex before marriage
-Sex mistakes singles make
-How to overcome sexual temptations
-What kissing can do in a premarital relationship
-How to deal with a breakup
-How to break up respectfully
-What to do when your ex wants you back
-How to build and protect your relationship
-How to deal with loneliness
-Dealing with a cheating partner
-Conflict management
Secrets of Smart Love will give you the needed information to build a solid foundation for your relationship, how to nurture love and deepen intimacy.

October 4
Francis Tuffour
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