Seducing Peaches

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Publisher Description

Lois was just a small town girl who lost her Mother at a very young age leaving her in the hands of an extremely mad Father who turned to alcohol for relief. After putting her through hell itself, she left and never looked back after turning eighteen.
She never thought her new life would be just as challenging and painful as her last. She worked job after job just trying to make her way through life. After opening her heart to someone, in one night he shreds it to pieces. Making a vow to herself to never trust a man again. She promises herself to only engage in conversation when she has absolutely no choice. Work.
Growing tired of the same old thing every night while waitressing at a local bar, she takes a job as a first assistant to a wealthy hotel chain owner. After her truck breaks down on the way to her first day at a new job. She is given no choice but to take a ride from a complete stranger. A man.
Lois and her ability to converse with the opposite sex only sparks a lot of curiosity with this new stranger and within herself. She finds herself struggling to maintain control. After insulting the stranger who graciously and safely delivered her to work, she receives the surprise of her life. This stranger turns out to be her new boss and the owner.
Her first impression is he is an arrogant a*****e and womanizer just like every other man. So why is it she finds it hard to believe he can make her body, mind and soul respond to him in a way she never thought was possible? She never expected it would turn into love.
Tom Hastings is a Hotel chain owner who can have any woman he wants for the most part. After his father died, he took over running the family business and turning it into quite the success. He has one love in his life and that is his Mother and he has no plans on changing it. Tom only wanted a woman for one thing and it didn’t involve his heart being engaged in feelings.
After his first assistant grows tired of Tom refusing to give her more, she quits without notice. Tom encourages his right hand man, Mark to replace her immediately. Mark has grown tired of constantly training women for this position and losing out on his own life, he hires a first assistant that he is sure will stay, giving him freedom of getting his life back. She didn’t match one of Tom’s specifications. From her interview he could tell she was desperate for a job that would test her abilities. She was perfect.
Tom on his way to work in the sudden down pour picks, up a woman walking in the rain. She is timid and has an obvious fear of men. After talking with her on the way, he has growing suspicions that this is his new employee. Irritated by Mark for not following his orders, he is ultimately intrigued by her and sets out to find out more about her.
He never dreamed spending more alone time with her to learn about her past would cause him to first fall in total and complete uncontrollable lust, then love. After a business trip that Tom sets up to again be alone with her goes terribly wrong, Lois runs again.
Will Tom go on to have only a friends with benefits relationship with women or will he chase after her? Will Lois ever have her fairy tale ending or is this another end to a heartbreaking chapter in her life?

August 18
Crystal G. Smith
Draft2Digital, LLC

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