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From the editors at Portable Press, the people who bring you Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, comes a book full of simple, easy-to-follow, and even entertaining tricks for doing practical, real-world math in your head in just seconds flat.

A lot of us hate math, but that's just because we don't remember much of it from high school or we think it's too hard (which is probably why we've forgotten it). But who needs it when you've got a calculator, right? Wrong. We all use math every day—to calculate a tip, to figure out an interest rate, to estimate the cost of the groceries in your cart, etc. Math doesn't have to be hard. It can be easy, fast, and even fun...if you know how to do it all in your head.

See Ya Later Calculator demystifies numbers and math. With these simple, precise, and downright magical math tricks, readers can do everyday math faster than it takes to dig out their phone and find the calculator app. Clear, step-by-step, easily memorizable directions demonstrate more than 125 math operations anyone can do in their head. Plus, it features do-it-yourself math projects, puzzles, and even a bonus section for advanced mathophiles. Get ready to tackle fun problems such as...

• How to easily square any number

• How to add three-digit numbers

• How to use a mirror to measure the height of a building

• How to make a ruler out of a dollar bill

• How to use geometry to paint walls, cut floor tiling, and do other home renovations

• How to subtract numbers...by adding

And lots more...no calculator required.

Science & Nature
June 1
Portable Press
Simon & Schuster Canada

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