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Seinfeld Ultimate Episode Guide is authored by a sitcom expert who penned the most comprehensive reference book that has ever been written about the show. This Episode Guide is the best source for “Seinfeld” facts; no other source contains as much information. This type of thoroughness cannot be found anywhere else in the entire Seinfeld Universe.

Each episode is summarized in detail with supporting credits, such as writer, director, actors, and uncredited actors. The best part is insider information about each episode and little known facts and trivia. There is even a section detailing some of the best known acting credits of every character who appeared in “Seinfeld.” Everything you need to know about each episode is in this book.

Seinfeld Ultimate Episode Guide provides insight into how some of the plots and subplots originated. You would be surprised how life imitates art. Discover which episodes have alternate endings, what scenes were deleted, how the creators handled cast changes, and so much more. There is even a section devoted to Awards won by the series, creators, actors and other individuals.

Diehard fans will love the section devoted to technical credits for each season of the show. It has all the names, titles, and details of all the men and women who worked behind the scene to make this the best show on TV. Find out which ones made episode appearances as extras.

Seinfeld Ultimate Episode Guide is an essential book for every fan of the show. If you ever had a question about one of the episodes, the show, actors, or characters, this book has all the answers. 186 pages.

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March 8
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