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Selected Short Stories Featuring Cry Wolf features fifteen diverse short stories, subject matter including space travel, werewolves, cannibalism, and one night stands. It includes The Dread Wolf's Bane, an exclusive short story set in the world of The Necromancer's Gambit.

The Gambit: The Dread Wolf’s Bane: Knight, a magical detective, intervenes when a young werewolf unable to remember who or what he is, is detained in juvenile hall on the night of a full moon.

Canary: Miners struggle to maintain calm after a cave in.

Lost In Space: A man prepares to meet his lover in orbit.

Frankenstein Modern: A scientist attempts to give a new body to a terminally ill man.

E-bort: A woman takes control of her future after she is raped.

Undisciplined: A squad rescues a fellow soldier awaiting trial for his crimes, against their personal feelings.

Ancestral Memory: Two buddies ponder the possibility of life as data storage, and the meaning of life.

First Goodbye: A man searches for a woman he can't leave.

Life Imprisonment: A homeless man looks for a way to get a comfortable home.

Crickets: Four crickets cower from a spider.

Hickbots: A man works alongside robots in the fields.

I'm Sorry I Got Caught In Your House: A very awkward run-in at an ex's house.

Space Beer: A disgraced pilot annoys his father, and works to develop space-proof beer.

S'work: An unattractive man considers his reliance on female companionship-for-pay.

Cry Wolf: After surviving the plane crash, a group of travelers ponders love, and resorts to cannibalism.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 16
Nicolas Wilson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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