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Conquer Instant Gratification, Beat Procrastination and Laziness, Become Highly Self Disciplined and Start Getting Things Done.

Why is self discipline so rare? And why do most people have tough time developing self disciplined?

If you often ponder upon questions like above and sincerely looking for effective ways to discipline yourself so you can achieve your goals sooner, then you have already taken the first right step towards that.

Keep going and once you have read till the end of this page, you'll be convinced that the answers you are looking for are hidden in this short guide called SELF DISCIPLINE MASTERY

Self Discipline Mastery is a step by step guide and your self-discipline blueprint to help you become a highly disciplined performer and achiever. This book is a no-fluff tool box that will serve you with the easy to implement and right strategies to resist temptation, boost self control and develop Navy SEAL mental toughness so you stay focused and determined toward what matters most to you.

Here is a quick snapshot of what you'll find in this short but effective guide
You'll learn the power of delaying instant gratification and how succeeding in marshmallow test became the strong determinant of the success of kids in future.You'll understand why self discipline doesn't need to be boring; why it doesn't have to be drained off emotions, you'll finally tap the power of neuropsychology of self disciplineYou will learn 12 solid reasons why most people fail in learning self discipline that other self control books won't tell you and how to FINALLY overcome them.7 Effective Techniques on how to self discipline and start getting your things done.Learn how you can minimize distractions and overcome temptationsYou'll discover why and how you should have a plan of action, decide and then commit fully to building self discipline.Master effective ways to flex your willpower muscles through mental toughness training exercises and develop Navy Seals mental toughness.Understand how the power of belief can improve your self disciplineYou'll not merely understand at surface level, rather you'll experience at the sub-conscious level how discipline equals freedom (REALLY)And much much more.
Whether you want to discipline your children, or achieve your goals through disciplined entrepreneurship, become a focussed student or high-performer employee, you'll be learning self discipline to the core in this blueprint.

If you have been in search of best self discipline books in your quest to become self disciplined, Self Discipline Mastery is for you.

You'll find this book to be different from other books on self discipline as it goes to the root of problem, but without bombarding the reader with complicated science or theory elaborates step by step and easy to follow exercises to boost discipline.

If you are sincere to conquer temptations, control impulses, and boost willpower, you'll find all the tools necessary in Self Discipline Mastery.

Grab Your Toolbox to Master Self Discipline Now

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October 2
Nicholas Mayor
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