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Self-Medicine™ and RHUMART Miracles: what a title for a book?
Self-Medicine™ refers to the RHUMART approach and system, which is an alternative form of medicine that is pain-killing, anti-inflammatory, and regenerative. This approach has been used successfully for the last 35 years, first in Quebec and Canada, and after, in some 22 countries on the five continents.

"RHUMART Miracles" is the expression used by owner-users of RHUMART systems, but also by clinicians, medical doctors, health professionals and various therapists to qualify the amazing, extraordinary, "unbelievable" or seemingly "unreal" results obtained by various users of RHUMART, including medical specialists who confirmed the extraordinary results, although they were unaware that RHUMART was used to generate such results!

More specifically, RHUMART was used to help control the following problems: arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation, trauma, STRESS, and more generally, to help "repair" the human body, and to improve or resolve many types of rare diseases.

Also, major topics related to RHUMART are introduced and discussed:
reprogramming the body-brain-mind-spirit complex, when using RHUMART
regularly, and for many, many years; repairing or creating new synapses; why do we need to sleep; the electrophysiology of the nervous system; the simple statistical "BAYES’ formula" to help select RHUMART parameters; the "hidden power" of RHUMART beyond psy’s words, individual neuronal signals, and components of human beings; repairing DNA with signals generated by RHUMART systems; socio-economic health in emerging countries; the importance of making RHUMART accessible to all; the F1-series of RHUMART systems; RHUMART fertility centre, clinic or home; the so-called "universal RHUMART connection" and the scientific philosophy of life; the perfect resonance of the “physical vacuum”; electric lightning in bio-membranes; cell nutrition, metabolism, and growth; simplified neurosciences; and means to control inflammation in some 80 % of chronic health problems.

Finally, an historical chapter on RHUMART Neurosciences, including scientific and educational topics, many beautiful photos of the greater RHUMART family, pictures of Rodrol and RHUMART books, important drawings from RHUMART patents, ending with the author's biography.

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December 16
Roland Drolet

Customer Reviews

MagentaSaves ,

A genius gone mad - at the system?

When I first read this book, I thought the author Roland Drolet had gone out of his mind. It is the most bizarre book ever written on the subject of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy. While most of the other PEMF books such as - The Fifth Element are a disguised infomercial for a medical product where you can’t make health claims without getting your product banned by the FDA - such as a cure for cancer, Roland does the exact opposite - this book is all about making seemingly outrageous health claims for his products!

The self published style, format, pictures and design layout is equally bizarre! It’s like you are reading his scrapbook or diary. I have seen this method of self marketing used before as in the case of another Canadian that specializes in electromagnetics - John Hutchinson - an inventor of antigravity and free energy devices. Hutchinson promotes himself as a crazy mad scientist using the worst demonstration videos so that the powers that be will leave him be and he openly admits to this.

For example - in Drolets eBook, the opening video, shot on a cell phone has nothing to do with the subject matter of the book. Its an Aztec warrior dance. Perhaps is has some subliminal meaning?

If you do your internet detective homework on Drolet and his invention - the Rhumart Tesla/Schumann Regenerator, you will learn how the Canadian government shut down his company and then backtracked after he launched a multimillion dollar lawsuit and won in court. But, that was after all of the doctors that used his device were threatened by Health Canada to stop using his products. If you know the story of Nikola Tesla and Royal Raymond Rife, their court battles and their final days of living in obscurity as very bitter men - Drolet’s interactive diary will sound very familiar to you.

There is no question as to the health miracles that the Rhumart can accomplish - it’s just a sorry state of affairs in our medical system when the author has to present himself as being either a man that is mad at the system or a crazy mad man that will go to these extremes to get the truth to the public and not be put in prison for continuing to sell his electromagnetic devices.

Perhaps it is a bit of both…..but that is for you to decide.

In any event, its a fascinating look into the mind of a genius inventor gone broke who believes he had and still has the cure for cancer using electromagnetic fields.

It’s a must read as a historical view and possibly a view of the future for those that are considering entering a carear in electro-medicine. Consider the cost of the book as a donation to the man who helped to pave the way for the modern PEMF devices.