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SELLING YOUR FILM WITHOUT SELLING YOUR SOUL is the first book to strip away the mythology surrounding independent film distribution to present the real picture on revenue earned from a variety of release strategies. This book highlights a multitude of new techniques filmmakers are using to directly connect their films with audiences, effectively reach them through the power of the global Internet and build a sustainable fan base to last throughout a career.

Within the pages of this book, you will find marketing and crowdfunding strategies, real distribution budgets, community building activities and detailed ancillary and digital distribution revenues for independently produced films such as: Ride The Divide, The Cosmonaut, The Best and The Brightest, Sita Sings the Blues, Note by Note, Bass Ackwards, Adventures of Power, Violet Tendencies, American: The Bill Hicks Story, Undertow, For the Bible Tells Me So, and the webseries Pioneer One.

The enhanced edition contains 11 video interviews with filmmakers. As a result, this is a large download.

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September 13
The Film Collaborative
The Film Collaborative, Inc.

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Citizen_Ken_ ,

Relevant for the brave new world of film distribution

I blasted through the bare bones version of this in a single sitting so I'm guessing this "enhanced" edition is well worth your time if you're a filmmaker or film student looking to better understand your options for distribution. There are several case studies examined within the book and the reader benefits greatly from the candour and transparency of the filmmakers who were interviewed. Many pearls of wisdom are still rattling around in my head.

As a filmmaker myself I found the case studies to be pleasantly surprising, inspiring and often affirming. The traditional distribution models simply don't work for every film or every filmmaker, so why not apply the same creativity and tenacity to your methods of distribution that you did to producing your film in the first place. That's the theme that I walked away with after reading this book.

Great stuff!

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