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A beloved and internationally bestselling author’s contemporary retelling of Jane Austen’s classic novel of love, money and two very different sisters.

When their father unexpectedly dies, the three Dashwood girls—Elinor, Marianne and Margaret—must face the harsh reality of a life where they no longer have the home or the financial security that they have always taken for granted. As they come to terms with life without the comforts of either their country house or an inheritance, Elinor, a sensible architecture student, and Marianne, a passionate, musical free spirit, are also confronted by a world where their choices are abruptly limited by their new and alarming circumstances.

With her trademark insight and wit, Joanna Trollope has brought Austen’s characters and their story into the 21st century. In the timeless spirit of their creator, she casts a clever, gently satirical eye on Elinor and Marianne as they are forced to navigate the modern world and the search for love. The results are both heartbreaking and hilarious, but always, in the hands of consummate storyteller Trollope, hugely entertaining and achingly true to life. Reimagining Sense and Sensibility in a fresh and contemporary light, Trollope recasts this beloved coming-of-age story as a perfect tale for our times.

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October 29
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Customer Reviews

AS3rings ,

Skip it - read the original

I liked the idea of the book more than the actual book. If you're going to rewrite a revered classic, it had better either be fairly close to the original or an innovative spin. This book is neither. It is simply the original characters and storyline rewritten into a modern day context but it doesn't make any sense and the characters fall short of their original descriptions. I finished this book not really like any of the characters.

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