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Do you know that SEO has moved beyond conventional keyword usage?

Google no longer requires the exact keywords or search phrase in page titles or in the content body for a certain number of times to understand what the content is about. It now understands and ranks pages based on topics, not just isolated keywords.

This book therefore teaches you step by step how you can identify the broad topics that you want to be known for, find out the questions your audience is asking about those topics, and then answer those questions in a better and more comprehensive manner than your competitors without actually obsessing over useless and outdated metrics like keyword density, keyword frequency, exact keyword placement etc.

Seriously, stop thinking about keywords all the time, and learn my easy SEO strategy that works in 2018 and will continue to work beyond 2018. My book is filled with crystal-clear screenshots and will teach you step by step how to focus on providing real value to your readers and write content based on their needs, because Google is smart enough to figure out what is relevant to its searchers.

In simple words, the rules have changed.

And if you want to build a sustainable traffic steam from search engines, you’ll need to adapt fast.

Here's is some of what You’ll Learn in my book:

> How the role of keywords has changed in SEO.

> How to rank for dozens of high traffic keywords without even targeting them.

> Why you no longer need to create separate pieces of content for different related keywords.

> How to build an internal link structure that'll turn your site into an SEO powerhouse.

So order my book if you want to learn more about how to apply my whitehat SEO strategy that has helped me times without number to your own website in a sustainable way that NEVER puts you at risk from a Google penalty...

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February 2
Bolakale Aremu
Bolakale Aremu

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