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This book challenges some of today’s mainstream Christian theology in an attempt to let the Bible speak for itself, without outside opinions and influences. But this challenge is in no way intended to demean or discredit the thousands of godly theologians and preachers who are taking the wonderful Gospel message to the world. The purpose of this book is to challenge believers and skeptics alike to study God’s Word for themselves in an earnest pursuit of the truth. It answers such questions as, “Is my Grandma’s soul really in heaven, looking down on me?” Or, what when, and where is hell? Why do we often hear about people in heavenly bliss, but never hear a word about those supposedly in hell? We often hear about the Rapture, the Seven-Year Tribulation, the Millennium, and various end-time scenarios. Are they all supported by the Bible? Of course, they must be, right? So many godly, highly educated theologians couldn’t be wrong, could they?

This book explores the history of the church with respect to extra-biblical influences on Christian theology through the centuries. It shines a light on such questions as, could a Greek philosopher in the 3rd century BC insert his beliefs into twenty-first-century Christian orthodoxy? Or could a sixteenth-century Jesuit priest determine today’s prophetic interpretation? This book will answer those questions. You will also discover little known facts about the real St. Patrick, about the seven-day cycle in living things and where the idea of a secret rapture originated. Again, the author’s sincere hope is that the reader will be stimulated to explore God’s wonderful word for themselves.

Religion & Spirituality
April 18
Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Christian Faith Publishing

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