Sex and 7 Swallows

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SEX AND THE COED: Jenny Cahill is her college basketball's team best player, that is, when she can keep her mind on the game and not on her hunky coach, Mark Daniels. When Jenny makes the winning shot in the quarter-finals, her team is thrilled, but what happens after the game is better than anything that she could have ever dreamed about her sexy coach. SEX AND THE COED 2: When Annie Cahill is assigned to a calculus class for her teaching assistantship, she thinks it's the worst assignment she could get. The math professor is aloof and only communicates with her through email. That is, until the afternoon he shows up at her office hours. Annie will soon learn that Professor Josh Stevens is not the least bit aloof when he gives her a lesson that she will never forget. SEX AND THE CALENDAR COEDS: College senior Kelly Jackson has a problem. She doesn't have the money to go to Aruba on Spring Break. She comes up with the idea of putting together a coed calendar, but she needs a photographer. When she tries to seduce Dan Slivers, captain of the swim team and an amateur photographer, to help her, she's the one that's in for a big surprise! TEMPTATION: Tristan Blade has a problem. He's supposed to be getting married - and to the beautiful woman of his dreams - but he's unsure if he'll be able to make her happy in bed. To get away and think, Tristan goes hunting in the forest surrounding his family's lands where he comes upon Aishling, a sexy and impish fairy princess. Aishling has crossed the invisible boundary between the worlds of human and fairy - and she intends to show Tristan everything he needs to know to satisfy his bride! A fun sexy romp. NIGHTCAP: Lily James is the top exotic dancer at Janelli's -- the town's most exclusive men's club -- but tonight she doesn't know what to expect. She's been requested to dance for a private party hosted by dark and mysterious Grayson Locke. Lily is thrilled -- and a little nervous. Not only do things go well, Grayson invites her for a nightcap. She has no idea that she is in for the night of her life! BY INVITATION ONLY: It's Lily's birthday! And Meghan is throwing her a party after hours tonight at Janelli's, the exclusive men's club where Lily is the top dancer. She's in for a bigger birthday surprise when her mysterious lover, Grayson Locke, walks in on her and Meghan. Can Grayson handle two ladies ready to play who won't take no for an answer? PRIVATE PLEASURE: Janelli's is an exclusive men's club where LILY JAMES is their top exotic dancer -- and always in demand. When Manager Joe Cooper calls her to come in on her day off, she wants to say no, until she learns that the mysterious Grayson Locke has requested her personally. But, Lily is not the only one in for a treat tonight. Grayson has invited a friend along and it doesn't take long before Joe has found his own entertainment for the night.

Fiction & Literature
June 16
Locklyn Swallow
Draft2Digital, LLC

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