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While sunbathing, Claire sees the handsomest man her eyes had ever seen. He's buff, trim, and half asleep while soaking up the summer sun in a skimpy, revealing bathing briefs. Thoughts of him become all consuming and leads her to conflicting wants and needs. Only, she discovers that getting what she desperately wants never turns out like planned or foreseen.

WARNING! This 6500+ word short story contains graphic and explicit descriptions of public masturbation and orgasmic sex between consenting of adults.


It must have been the mixture of the salty air, the heat, the sun, and the two huge margaritas I had about an hour before I stepped onto the beach. Normally, I would dare touch myself in a public place, but when I saw him my thought patterns went all crazy. There were all sorts of guys at Jersey Beach that day; some were hot, and some definitely should be subject to arrest and a fine for just taking their shirts off. He, however, was a league above all of them: tanned, chisel chested, thick armed, strong shoulders, defined abs, and so much more. He had muscles, but he didn’t look like a juicer – you know, the sort of pea-brained muscle head that lived in a weight room and talked about the glutes all day. Dated one, once, and NO THANK YOU! No, he had more of the body of a swimmer; it looked like an ounce of fat couldn’t be pinched on him anywhere what so ever. Even more, he was the only guy I’d ever seen who could pull off a skimpy banana hammock. And oh, what I banana that minimal piece of fabric concealed. I normally didn't care to look at a man’s package, but this guy sported one that looked large and in definite need of unpacking – by me!

He lay out on a towel, with his brown hair flopped to one said and a pair of sunglasses over his eyes. His magnificent body glistened with tanning oil, and I silently cursed myself for not noticing him earlier. It would have been a delicious treat for my eyes to watch him smooth sunning lotion all over himself. Also, he wasn’t too hairy, but a tantalizing trial of brown curlies lead to under his trunks and to what had to be a marvelous, big, and thick piece of manhood ...

Fiction & Literature
August 21
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