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Catholic High School Girls in Trouble
Sex, Nuns and Tight Teen Buns.

A collection of 4 Dirty short stories that make up our Volume 1

This series takes in the daily goings on at St Jude's Catholic High School. It's a place for females aged between 18 and 22 who for one reason or another have not graduated from High school. The school is private and you have to be rich to go there, but it's always the little rich girls that get in to the worst of trouble.

Warning: This series contains graphic depictions of Oral sex, Anal, Panties Sniffing, Lesbian Sex, Femdom, Female Masterbation, School Girls, Dirty Nuns and a Horney Swinging Wife. It is not recommended for any person under the age of 18. It is also not recommended for anyone who has a heart condition or pacemaker as this book will get the blood up and then pulse racing.

Inside you will see......

The Confession of a Teen Cock tease

Kathryn is only 18 and is going to confess her sins when things turn hot and she ends up adding a few more sins to her list. Full of teen lust she does the unthinkable while in the confession box and drags the priest down with her. She shows him what she can do with her mouth and just how kinky she can be.

Naughty Girl in the Head Masters office

When Mr & Mrs Sutton were called to the school about unpaid tuition fees, Mr Sutton suggested that he use his wife's ass as a cash machine! Will she do it and settle the dept??

Midnight Visit to a Tight lipped Girl

Kathryn is back and awaiting a tryst with her lover but our resident nun with a past may scupper their plans. Roaming the corridors at night on the look out for something she may fancy.

New Girl in the Dorm

The shy and timid Jane has just arrived to stay at the school and is welcomed by her new roommates. Her first night there gets hot 'n' sticky and brings out her true colours, somber roommates decide to break her in gently.

Why not join the Girls inside.....

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July 11
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