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# Sex Party #1: Hook Up "When Friends Become More."
Jack knows he shouldn't, but it's just too tempting. His sexy best friend Sam is in the worst of ways after breaking up with her tiny dicked boyfriend and Jack just has to help out - big time.

# Sex Party #2: Long Awaited Love "Finally you are mine!"
Ted loves Tess and tonight he is going catch her doing something that just might be the perfect way of letting loose his pent up 'love'.

# Sex Party #3: Bisexual Tryst "Shared Goods."
Zac desires one thing: Ted’s rear. In steps a female friend to smooth the way for a love triangle that knows no boundaries or rules.

# Sex Party #4: Couch Sex “Creamy Heaven!”
Danny loves Sarah, but he is unsure of the direction of their relationship now that university is over. Thankfully, with the New Year coming, Danny has made just the right resolution to make this an unforgettable evening for these two love birds.

#Sex Party #5: Extreme Sex Foursome “Two Ways OK!”
Jenny is in for the sexiest experience of her life as her good friend Zac invites her to heaven and beyond with just the lesbian experience that she has been looking for. With an intense sexual heat that will burn your e-reader to a crisp, this story goes all the way and then some!

# Sex Party #6: First Time Dominated 'Enjoy The Hurt.'
Tim is 19 and has never had any luck with women. Tonight is New Years and it has been a total disaster so far. However, one chocolate skin demon is going to teach him the wonders of receiving and finally set the real man inside of Tim free. Come join him in his first domination!

# Sex Party #7: Girls Only 'Fantasy Girl Play.'
Jessica has been waiting for Sarah for hours now and New Years is nearly here. Her long time girlfriend has promised presents of the sexy kind and Jessica couldn’t be more excited. However, as time passes she wonders if the magic night that she has planned will come about. Thankfully, Sarah appears and the events that follow may be some of the most erotic of Jessica’s life.

# Sex Party #8: More Girls Only '5 Girl Line Play.'
Jessica’s best friend has come over, cold, shivering and in a bikini! With Sarah resting up from their prior heated experience and a strong lust flowing through her loins, can she hold back from taking advantage of Jane and her two gorgeous friends? This is Jessica’s biggest challenge ever!

# Sex Party #9: Wendy In Sexland 'Spoilt and Hungry!'
19 year old Wendy is a spoilt woman, who craves older, married men and will do anything to get her hands on a large packaged one to service her needs. However, tonight she is out of luck and, with only a toy to sate her thirst for excitement, she finds herself considering a handsome man, who has just caught her at play in the most obscene of ways. What is a woman going to do? Have fun that’s what!

# Sex Party #10: Kitchen Sex ‘Secret Pleasure!’
Tom is about to get lucky in a big way as the well endowed Jessica offers up a plate of the finest girl goods that he has ever seen. The only problem is where to do the deed. With no other options at hand, one BBQ area is going to see the fiercest blaze of heated passion ever seen on the planet Earth. A must read piece of erotic content!

# Sex Party #11: Hook Up 2 'Best Friends Forever.'
The final session is here and Sam and Jack are going to have to make some life changing decisions as the sexy action heats up and the New Year’s party comes to a close with the biggest bang of all! Come join this finale to this great series.

# Sex Party #12: Final Party 'Return Of The Chocolate'
The Chocolate Tiger stalks the halls looking for a taste of whatever naughtiness might be available for her consumption. Tonight she hasn’t just found one unsuspecting prey, but three. Can this dominant woman find her way through the crush of opportunities? Come find out inside.

Fiction & Literature
March 9
Lunatic Ink Publishing
Smashwords, Inc.

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