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Once there was a boy of the Bitterwater Clan of the Din'e, the Navajo People. Je lived with his ma'sani, his grandmother, in the Four Corners in the Navajo Nation on a reservation...

So begins the story of James Redtree, a Navajo man who is transformed into a dog by his grandmother's curse.
"You have forgotten the ways of the Din'e and that cannot be forgiven," she tells him. She isn't too happy about not having any great-grandchildren either.

Doomed too wander the world as a dog until he finds a woman to love and belive in him, James ends up as Shadow, a huge, mixed breed mutt that looks like a wolf crossed with a pony. From there it's a short trip to the local Animal Shelter where he's scheduled to be euthanized.

Enter Angelina Dean, Jelly to her two best friends, who convince her that getting a dog for protection and companionship is the best thing to do. She's alone in the big old house her grandmother left her since her husband of three years ran off with his personal trainer, Justin.

Having never been a "dog person," Angelina is reluctant to take on such a big animal but Shadow's sweet dispositon win her over. She takes him home and weird things start happening.

Angelina can't figure out what's going on. Who ever heard of a dog that prefers salad to gourmet dog food? Or one who changes the station from Animal Planet to ESPN when she's out of the room?

But what really disturbs her is the strange, recurring dream she keeps having. Who is the muscular Native American man who keeps appearing in her bed and why are the dreams so vivid? She is plagued by the idea that her dreams are somehow tied to her new pet, Shadow, but that isn't possible...is it?

Then, on the last night of the full moon, her dream man says something that haunts Angelina. "This is my last chance," he tells her. "I need you to believe in me." But can the practical Angelina do as he asks before it's too late?
You'll have to read Shadow Dreams to find out.

***Author's note--Shadow Dreams was first published in 2004 at Liquid Silver. It was one of my first books and it has been out of circulation for some time. Now I am bringing it back at the request of several readers who never got a chance to read it in the past. This book also contains a two chapter excerpt of Ruby Shadows, the third book in my Born to Darkness series, which is coming out soon. The total book length is around 33,000 words. Happy Reading!***

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October 1
Evangeline Anderson
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