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Science Fiction Romance from RITA nominated author!

Injured in a bar fight and then stranded on a hellhole planet when her ship is stolen, smuggler Moriah Cameron finds herself at the mercy of arrogant Sabin Travers. She manages to elude him, but quickly realizes she has no good option to get off Calt, so she stows away on Sabin’s ship. Sabin discovers her just as she stumbles upon a secret that could affect hundreds of lives—a hidden Shielder colony. Forced to take Moriah captive to protect that secret, he decides to take her to Elysia to have her memory altered.

Instead of being grateful that he didn’t shut her up permanently, Moriah is infuriated about being delayed from picking up a crucial shipment. In return, Sabin resents the disruption this defiant and ungrateful woman creates in his life.

Having a strong aversion to domineering men like Sabin, Moriah manages to steal his ship and escape—after dumping him, drugged and naked, at a Pleasure Dome. Her freedom is short lived when Sabin catches up with her. He finds a way to make her pay, and she has no choice but to go along.

As they battle wills and wits across the quadrant, Moriah is shocked by her growing attraction to Sabin. But when she discovers he is also a shadower, all bets are off. She eludes him once more and heads to a dangerous but lucrative delivery. Things go wrong at the drop, and only Sabin’s major sacrifice can save her. But ultimately, it’s love, acceptance, and healing that save them both.

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What readers are saying about this science fiction romance:

“A richly textured futuristic novel . . . and an absolutely wonderful read. Readers will delight in Shadower.” — The Midwest Book Review

“Catherine Spangler's previous novel, Shielder, garnered several awards as a highly regarded futuristic romance. Ms. Spangler returns to that same setting with the exciting, tense-laden Shadower. The story line never eases up due to the opposing objectives of the strong lead characters. However, what makes this tale a triumph similar to its predecessor is the audience can see and hear the heartbeats of these worlds like Giza, which in turn, provides an authentic feel to a wonderful science fiction romance.” — Harriet Klausner

“This is first and foremost a science fiction romance. The characters are flawed, and deep. I LOVED them. . . . The chemistry between Sabin and Moriah fairly sizzled.”— Monique Atgood

“Award winning author and writing sensation, Catherine Spangler fans the fire then feeds the flames of passion in Shadower. She expertly tells a tale of a dangerous cat and mouse game full of gutsy moves, calculated risks and raw sensuality. . . . If you love engaging sci-fi romantic adventure, don't miss this opportunity to sample Ms. Spangler’s finest work to date.” — Ballston Book House Review

“A Riveting Futuristic Romance = An Excellent Read! There is as much suspense as romance here. . . . and the romance sizzles. Ms. Spangler has created a grim universe where technology, progress and education do not prevent evil. She peoples her story with all kinds of fascinating creatures, and fabulous secondary characters. . . . Highly recommended!” — Jana L. Perskie
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