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The Mithgar and Faery novels of Dennis L. McKiernan have long enchanted fans and critics alike. And they were equally enthralled with his bestselling science-fiction/fantasy novel, Caverns of Socrates. And now this splendid story has been remastered to e-book form and retitled Shadowtrap. It is a gripping tale to fire the imagination and make the heart pound. . . .

They call themselves the Black Foxes. . . .

They are an award-winning group of adventure gamers who are reunited for one more contest, this time against an artificial intelligence named Avery. But this is no ordinary challenge, for the game will be played in Avery’s virtual reality, a place so convincingly real that those who experience are certain it actually exists, and that they are truly the person Avery casts them as. Thus, in this particular test, each of the Black Foxes will not know who he really is, but instead will become his own Black Fox alter ego: a lady pathfinder of special powers; a master healer whose touch can cure though not without penalty to himself; a magical bard whose arcane abilities allow her shape sound; a syldari Shadowmaster, able to bend darkness itself; and, finally, their leader, a warrior extraordinaire. A sixth person will become part of the team: a former king’s spy and master thief. The plan was to test Avery, but what no one anticipated was losing control of him, and the only hope for the Black Foxes is for them to defeat Avery at his own deadly game

Dennis L. McKiernan holds us spellbound by weaving together science and magic and hazard and derring-do in a heart-clutching story, a breathtaking saga of science fiction, of fantasy, and a riveting account of a desperate group of skilled scientists trying to keep the Black Foxes alive long enough for them to survive.
From Dennis L. McKiernan, one of the most prolific and imaginative authors in science fiction and fantasy today, comes Shadowtrap, the thrilling recompilation of his acclaimed Caverns of Socrates.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 27
Dennis L. McKiernan
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