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Shanti the Grass-eating Lion was written to help fundraise for orphanages and other child welfare work. 

Legend has it that in a remote part of rural India there lives a grass-eating lion that can talk. The gentle lion apparently acquired this strange ability through a miracle. The local villagers, who were very poor, had adopted the lion as a cub and could only afford to feed him fruit, vegetables, rice, grass and milk. As he matured into a fully grown lion, however, they were faced with the heart-breaking task of chasing their beloved, furry friend away from their village for fear that he might start eating their farm animals. What happened next no-one could have predicted! The lion refused to eat all meat so he could continue to live amongst the people he had grown to love and that's when the miracle happened. That was just the beginning, for the lion was also made wise and given the task of spreading peace and goodwill to all he encountered. 

All profits made by the publisher and the author from the sale of this charity book go to the Shanti Lion Children's Trust. The book also comes with a free website resource to help facilitate children and young people group volunteering (it lists over a hundred detailed projects they can get involved in to make their communities and the world a better place). 



'Unconditional love emanates from every page of this delightful story...adventure...excitement...and humor...its spiritual message resonates loud and clear...'

- Marjorie Coughlan, PaperTigers.org  

'A gem. If you only read one more book this year, read this and give it to the children and young people in your life. True story or modern fable, the values are eternal and life enhancing.'

- Lifescape Magazine  

'A lovely story which encourages children (and adults!) to see beyond outward differences, live peacefully with one another and in harmony with the natural world.'  

- Sheena Gabriel, Lay Leader of Meadrow Unitarian Chapel  

Young Adult
November 1
One World One People Publishing Ltd
Paul Sinclair

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