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I go back to my childhood and to my teens and adolescence. A lot of imaginations I have left behind – unfulfilled and unattended. I flew with imaginations, high and silently loved many. I had the fear of the ghosts and fear for death. I ever desired to love someone who is not mine. That could be love or… It was in fact my desire not to lose. I dared to possess everything – hate and love.
Some excerpts from the Book:
‘No Fena, there must be some difference between a boy and a girl. One can be an assertive Youngman and dictate his terms on girls if he has grown up moustache and beard. Manhood of a boy becomes prominent with neatly trimmed moustache and clean shaved beard.’
‘I can’t stop myself from the invading dreams. This is the age of dreams – in real life or during sleep! The age is alarming and dreams are mind blowing! When I close my eyes, I see many girls… yes, many girls visiting me… some coming nearer to embrace me… and some bringing their lips near to my lips… I sleep silently waiting for a truce!’
‘How can I tell you Hery, you too ignited my body and mind? You’ve not even left my soul untouched! I presumed Jessica to be a bad girl. I realize, she could be partially correct. There is something with you boys that… that gives an eagerness to come closer… aspire for more. She must have experienced that. Should I tell you; your magical touch has transformed me a lot – a transformation, which I can seldom describe! Only my eyes can speak! You’ve to study my eyes… ’
‘You realized; my tears were more precious than any pearl available in our world. A single drop you didn’t want to go waste. Your two palms collected two drops rolling down my cheeks with remarks: ‘let my body absorb all pain and give you all pleasure. I promise; I’ll absorb your pain to make your path flowery!’
She looked at Eric and remembered his sorrow after her first departure. She didn’t want Eric to pass through that isolation and mental trauma. ‘Your words are ‘spells’ that induces me to honor your wishes. I put no condition,’ clarified Vena. ‘Love imposes no condition, only surrender to the wishes of the other partner of love. And that’s the real love.’ ‘It’s better to be with you in the hell than staying alone in the heaven. Let’s start the journey.’
‘More than that! You’re a trespasser into my mind and soul. I’m not going to excuse you for that. And the punishment for that is imprisonment in the harem – a lifetime imprisonment in my heart. Won’t you like that?’
Suddenly Marie heard of a screaming sound and saw the tyres of a speeding car came to a grinding halt emitting smoke and filling the area with dust. She took a second to understand what happened at the spot. A hysteric Marie gave calls to Fena and thereafter to Hery. There was no response from either Hery or Fena. She looked into her car to trace Fena and Hery. Both were not inside her car. She looked around to find Fena and Hery in pool of blood on the ground.
‘They couldn’t separate us during our lifetime. After death, can they separate us? At least they could’ve done something favorable to us. They could have put us in a single and wider coffin. They are foolish people. They don’t understand the sentiments of their kids after death. They can’t restrict us from meeting and staying together,’ stated Fena to Hery.
‘His diary was nothing but a bunch of dry palm leaves that were blank for any common man. But the dry leaves recorded the day-to-day activities of Qurinch and were the testament of his life and death! Listening to the beep, Qurinch opened the diary. He could see something unbelievable!’
‘A fairy! My dreams may come true!’ exclaimed Qurinch.
He followed us and the incidents thereafter; I needn’t elaborate. The incidents that would happen with the arrival of Fena need to be witnessed for Fena is ‘mystique girl’,’ explained Vena.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 10
Monali Mishra
Smashwords, Inc.

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