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Again a concrete block is found with only a person's head esposed, this time it is the head of a young blue eyed girl child. Young girl children like the one in concrete, with bkue eyes and blonde hair, are disappearing all over Victorian London, Police Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard has no clue, and he asks Sherlock Holmes to investigate.

Holmes and Doctor Watson examine the concrete block and head, and just as in the cae of Sherlock Holmes And the Woman In Concrete, no clues. are found. However Sherlock Holmes knows tthere is only one man in England with the will and ability to committ this heinous crime, and do so without leaving a clue, that is his nemesis the master criminal Moriarty,

In the case of Sherlock Holmes And the Woman In Concrete Holmes foiled Moriarty's plan, and,was informed that he interfered with Moriarty's activities "at his peril." Now Moriarty has sent Holmes the message that he, Moriarty, is behind the child kidnappings, and he is daring Holmes to investigate.

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson proceed to investigate, and employing his powers of observation and logical reasoning Holmes deduces how the children were taken unobserved, and where the next kidnapping will occur. A Police trap is set and the kidnapper is caught in the act, but he takes poison and dies before he can be questioned.

The only lead to the children's location is gone, the criminals have been alerted, and the children are lost. Holmes tells Watson he has badly bungled the investigation. Next morning Holmes informs Watson he has been up all night thinking, and has come up with a novel, new method, not based on evidence, to solve the case. The method requires Watson's help, and they employ it together.

Not long afterwards Holmes receives a message from Lestrade that an informant has come forward with the children's location. The Police act quickly and rescue the children. Moriarty's accomplices in the kidnappers are taken, but they know nothing of him, and he has disappeared. The kidnappings  are ended and the case is closed.

This is perhaps the most unusual of Sherlock Holmes's cases, due to the novel new method not based on evidence used to solve it. Was the new method responsible for the informant coming forward?  After Sherlock Holmes initially bunglied the case, did he come up with an absolute stroke of genius that solved it? You decide.

Sherlock Holmes And the Child In Concrete is a continuation of the best selling Sherlock Holmes And the Man In Concrete, available in English, German and Spanish, and a sequel to Sherlock Holmes And the Woman In Concrete.

This literary quality ebook is 11,200 words long and comes with a Hyperlinked Table Of Contents and 12 Illustrations. If you like reading about Sherlock Holmes you will enjoy reading this ebook.

Phillip Duke Ph.D.

Mysteries & Thrillers
October 1
Phillip Duke
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