Shifters Forever More Boxed Set Books 1 - 6 Shifters Forever More Boxed Set Books 1 - 6
Book 8 - Shifters Forever Worlds Box Set

Shifters Forever More Boxed Set Books 1 - 6

Shifters Forever More

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Grizzly bear shifters, dragon shifters, sorceresses, elementals, and all types of other paranormal beings and their mates steam up the pages as the Bear Canyon Valley clan sorts through trespassers with hidden agendas, hidden military compounds, top secret experiments, and courageous, incredible women who are ready to take a chance on their happily forever after. The romances in this collection will capture your heart and leave your head spinning!


Once, before Griz was known as Griz, he was Larsen del Cruz. This was before he had a scar that split his face, eyebrow to jaw. When he was one of the Draecenguard. He was also a man who fell in love. Forbidden love. 

That love gave him a scar and nearly cost him his life. It definitely cost him more than that. The full effects of that loss lasted years. It’s still lasting. 

Allegra Draecen has known only one way of life. Leaving that life behind was not an easy decision. Nor was it one she came to quickly. 

She can only hope her choice does not endanger those she loves or those she left behind. 


A mission at the top secret Razorpeak Mountain Complex has completely flipped Ciara’s life upside down. Daughter of an intuitive and a bear shifter descendant, Ciara is an intuitive herself. And she has a problem she can’t explain and definitely can’t solve.

Ciara hadn’t counted on her cousin Griz, driven by concern, stopping at nothing to help out his little cousin.

Krisztián’s been asked to assist Griz’s cousin with a problem. What problem? Griz doesn’t even know. So, with a GPS set for her home, Krisztián heads out.

New paranormal types abound as Krisztián and Ciara maneuver through the obstacles that could bring them together or tear them apart.


Shifter Slate Youngblood’s got one mission. Stay alive and avoid the feds. 

Svetlana’s seer with a haunted past. She doesn’t believe in herself. She doesn’t believe in goodness. She surely won’t believe in a shifter who steals skills, now will she? Two can play the stealing game.

A skilljacker on the lam runs into a beautiful, haunted seer. On any other day, this could have been a match made in heaven, but not when he steals her skills. 

And definitely not when she takes his bear. 

Can a common goal help bring this duo together, or will this match tear apart the fated mates?


Meri’s a forensic pathologist with a spectacular arrangement with Notre Dame University—practically unlimited access to funds and a paid position to perform her dream research. The price she has to pay for this arrangement? 

Notre Dame occasionally loans out her highly specialized skills. Other than pose an occasional disruption to her research schedule, this arrangement works well. She’s got no problem with sinking herself into her work, especially now that philandering Josh Monroe is out of the picture. 

Deathbending bear shifter Dunnigan Youngblood’s got a hell of a problem. He’s got to sneak out of a morgue before someone decides to cut into him. Too late.


Matteo Berberis, dragon shifter, has not been adjusting very well to life away from the Pontic Mountains. Sure, he lives in Bear Canyon Valley, and he’s got freedoms he never had before, but his dragon is angry. He misses their home country. What’s a dragon shifter to do when shifting into his dragon—and running off is not an option. Not in a world where dragons are hunted. When did the apex predator of all shifter types become the hunted? He gives his dragon his head and they roam, flying over Bear Canyon Valley regularly. 

This day was anything but regular though. He’s come across a beautiful stranger with a problem. He’d have thought he could provide help until he had a problem of his own. Stuck mid-shift, he finds himself at her mercy and at the mercy of those hunting her.

Jolie Anker’s not simply a girl on a hike. She’s harboring a secret that could bring doom to the Bear Canyon Valley clan.  She’s a refugee from a wizard and his bear shifter flunkies. She’s had her power stripped and has no clue if she can muster enough to deal a blow to the dastardly wizard. But now, as if things weren’t complicated enough, she’s run into a dragon shifter who seems hell-bent on not minding his own business. Who said she needed saving?   


Salvatore Draecen, a dragon shifter who long ago lost his mate and recently found his daughter, has received word about a sorceress being held captive in Crossroads. A sorceress, that word has it, looks way too much like the love of his life. The one he lost ages ago. The mother of his only child. 

Think Salvatore wouldn’t go through heaven and hell to get her back? Think again. 

Selene Campione has been a prisoner for more years than she can count. Truly. More years than she can remember. Devoid of her powers and memories, she’s been in a muddled state of mind, the victim of experimentation at the hands of the group at Crossroads. Now, as fate would have it, her powers are returning. And so are the painful memories. The last time she saw Salvatore, he was on another continent, safe and sound. Her daughter Allegra was safe with him. She’s given up hope of seeing them again. But she hasn’t given up hope of escaping her captors.

She’s got to find a way to free herself—and another dozen sorceresses who are held captive in the underground caverns below Crossroads’ hospital wing. And she’s got to do it without getting anyone killed. Anyone good, that is. For she plans to wreak havoc on the bastards that have kept her imprisoned. She’s got nothing to lose, after all, since she’s already lost her mate and her daughter. 

Nicely tying up the Shifters Forever More series, Salvatore and Selene’s journey to finally be together will be as epic as Griz and Allegra’s! 

June 28
Barbed Borders Press
Barbed Borders

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