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Why be miserable another day doing what you don't want to do while secretly dreaming of what life would be like if you could do what you want to earn a living?

In today’s busy world, people are often forced to do what pays the bills rather than what they truly enjoy doing.  Sadly this can result in unhappiness in the individual who produces mediocre work for their employer, or takes their moods home to their family.

“You only live once,” as the saying goes.  If you don’t follow your dreams, your life can feel incomplete and leave you full of regret.  Many people feel their dreams can never be actualized and give up for all sorts of reasons such as self-doubt, lack of funds, not knowing where to start or who to ask, etc.  People often self-sabotage their dreams before they even get off the ground.  

The pursuit of dreams is a founding principle of many countries such as in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, but can be pushed aside due to many outside pressures and responsibilities.  

Therefore, the key to doing what you love is to properly analyze your dreams instead of discounting them, and setting appropriate goals to achieve them.  

This book will help you:

* Determine if doing what you love for a living is a realistic endeavor

* Help provide tools to create a solid business plan

* "Prove" your new career idea BEFORE you leave your current job

* Evaluate your emotional preparation for the change

* Help you answer questions like:

* What if I Pick the Wrong Hobby for my Business?

* How Will I Provide for My Family While Getting Started?

* What if People Think I’m Crazy for Quitting My Good Job?

Business & Personal Finance
June 29
Laurenzana Press
Casa Di Fanelli LLC

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