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The design strives to bring people back to nature, with permeated natural flavor in the space. Some delicate ornaments are incorporated to embody an easy and comfortable living ambiance that the owner pursues. Countryside style promotes “returning to nature”, and it aesthetically promotes “natural beauty”, which holds the belief that only when people value nature and abide to the natural laws can they have a balance between physical and mental life in the ever-changing modern society. Therefore, countryside style strives to present the easy pleasures of countryside life.

European countryside style reflects a cozy and comfortable life. The various colors embody colorful life. Most people who are too busy with work get tired of the hustle and bustle in metropolises and long for the peace of countryside, however, they can’t all leave city for countryside due to the stress of reality, so they begin to seek a balance between them, and home becomes the best harbor. A small door can prevent the weariness and troubles outside; while inside, it’s a pleasing garden belonging to us.

Flower is usually considered as a symbol of countryside style. If you want to create a typical European countryside home interior, you should first select your favorite flower-patterned wallpaper, and decorate the wall with it, so that the home space will appear in a unity. Besides, the widely use of the same kind wallpaper saves cost and trouble than using several kinds of wallpaper. In order to match the countryside style, flower-patterned fabric sofa and beddings are selected. The sofa with big flower patterns allows the living room to be magnificent and generous, while the bedding with little flower patterns reveal the coziness of a home.

If flower is the symbol of countryside style design, then white furniture would be the major element of minimalist European style. Traditional countryside style usually adopts log-colored furniture, but actually, it only fits for large house like villa. For example, a house with a limited

area of 100 square meters, if log-colored furniture were widely used in the space, the interior would be depressive. Therefore, a set of pure white furniture is used to relieve the visual impact and people will feel more comfortable.

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September 17
Huazhong University of Science & Technology Press
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