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This book studies the pitfalls of regional climate models in simulating track and intensity of tropical cyclone over western North Pacific for the East Asian summer monsoon climate.

A number of sensitivity experiments related to tropical cyclone simulation with different model configurations and model physical schemes, including model resolution, model lateral boundary condition, effect of sea surface temperature, cumulus parameterization scheme and model microphysics scheme, as well as the features and the failure of tropical cyclone simulation in regional climate models were carefully analyzed with model output with high temporal resolution, to investigate shortcomings of the models, so as to come up with better models to simulate and study tropical cyclone track and intensity.

The book is suitable for graduate students in meteorology with focuses in the tropical cyclone simulation, as well as professionals devoted to model development and study of tropical cyclone activities.

Contents: Effects of Tropical Cyclones on Regional Climate Modeling Over East Asia in SummerLateral Boundary Buffer Zone and Its Effect on Tropical Cyclone TrackImpact of Cumulus Parameterization Scheme on the Tropical Cyclone TrackFeedback of Tropical Cyclone Activities on the Western Pacific Subtropical HighMechanism of Tropical Cyclone Track Sensitive to Planetary Boundary Layer SchemeSensitivity of Tropical Cyclone Track to Storm SizeModel Convergence in Simulations of Tropical Cyclone at Grey-Zone ResolutionsMechanism of Cumulus Parameterization Scheme on Model ConvergenceEffects of Inner and Outer Sea Surface Temperature on Tropical Cyclone Intensity Effects of Relative and Absolute SST on Tropical Cyclone Intensity
Readership: Graduate students and researchers in the field of climatogy/meteorology and climate change.
Keywords:Tropical Cyclone;Simulation;Regional Climate Model;East Asian Summer MonsoonReview:Key Features:The tropical cyclone topics in regional climate modeling has caused more and more attentionNo monograph on the tropical cyclone in regional climate model has ever been publishedThe book focuses on the mechanism of regional climate model's failure in simulating tropical cyclone, which has never been proposed

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