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Slowly undoing Ryan's belt, Michael drew out the experience of giving a b*****b in public so he could savour the moment. Unbuttoning his jeans, he gently pulled down on the legs, slowly revealing a tight pair of grey boxer shorts, tenting forwards as the constricting jeans were pulled off. Repeating the process with his underwear, Michael watched as the waistband slowly, agonisingly pulled on the head, pointing the huge rod further and further down. The shaft of Ryan's cock became more and more into view, at first showing a shortly trimmed patch of pubic hair, then a thick, smooth shaft that inched out of the top of his underwear, Michael stopping briefly as just the head was held by the elastic, eventually giving one last pull. Ryan's hard, veiny member sprang upwards, almost hitting Michael in the face as it was freed, looking intimidating yet arousing as it pointed majestically into the cool air.

Slowly moving his head forward, Michael gently parted his pink, sparkling lips, hungrily licking them before placing them against the head of Ryan's dick, darting his tongue out, teasing around Ryan's head, focusing on the sensitive area under the head.


Michael knew what to do, and stood bent over, legs straddled so his ass was at the height of the hole behind him, carefully position it so the men using that cubicle could f**k him hard, pressing his body against the wall to keep himself in place. Looking up again, there was yet another new cock in his face, which he took into his throat and pressed his face against the wall, forming a seal around the hole as a man behind him easily entered his loose a*****e, plugging him from both ends, making him feel like a used whore. Being in this position made him so horny, and his cock started to ooze precum constantly as he felt two cocks piston in and out of his f**k-holes.


“Let me tell you how this evening will work. I have a customer lined up, and you are his for an hour.” She reached into her pocket, pulling out the key to his chastity belt, unlocking it as she spoke, “I know that's not very long, but he's paying well so I expect you to really show him a good time. Oh, also, part of the reason he's paying well is I've told him there are no limits with you, so anything could happen. The only proviso is that he can't cause any permanent harm, so expect it to be rough. I know you like that though, you filthy slut. I bought a few toys,” Beth emptied the large bag on her shoulder onto the table. Dildoes, nipple clamps, handcuffs, rope, paddles, whips, gags, butt plugs, everything Michael could have imagined came pouring out, “This was an investment into your new career. Hopefully this is enough to keep your client entertained. Anyway, I'll go and get him, he was sitting in the lobby when we came in. I made sure he got a good look at you, and he seemed to like what he saw. I'll be back with him in a minute, get yourself ready, Michelle.” She kissed him once more, embracing him tightly as her bond with him grew ever stronger, seeing him take to his new life with such passion, before turning and walking out the door to fetch the man from the lobby.

Michael sat nervously on the bed, waiting for his master to arrive and use his feminized body in whatever way he wanted. He fidgeted with his fingernails, looking at the clock and wondering what was taking so long, when he heard a card slide into the reader on the door, and the lock automatically open. The door swung wide open, and in strode Beth, followed by a man in a perfectly fitted suit, black hair slicked to the side, stubble carefully groomed and exuding a general air of dominance.

“This is Michelle, she's all ready for you. Michelle, this is James. Have fun you two!” she chimed as she bounced out the door, closing it behind her and skipping off down the corridor to wait in the lobby until the hour was up.

“Don't speak sissy. Take of your clothes and get on all fours.”

Fiction & Literature
June 5
Jenni Ambrose
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