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When it comes to retirement investing, too much emphasis today is on investment returns, which often come at the expense of income dependability and peace of mind. Slash Your Retirement Risk redefines how to invest for retirement to maximize your reliable income and stabilize your financial future.

Rather than the typical approach to portfolio management—focusing on returns and ignoring dramatic market downswings that can decimate portfolios—author Chris Cook shows investors how to create income reliability without sacrificing reasonable growth.

Instead of chasing uncertain returns, Slash Your Retirement Risk's strategy will help ensure your retirement portfolio will capitalize on opportunities for growth while weathering the inevitable economic ups and downs. You will achieve reliable returns and suffer fewer sleepless nights worrying about whether your money will last as long as you do.

Slash Your Retirement Risk is your step-by-step guide to create a retirement portfolio that will provide true financial peace of mind, one that features:
• The broad diversification essential in today's globally interconnected marketplace.
• A built-in ability to capitalize on market upswings to generate growth.
• Automatic protections against inevitable market downswings.
• An investing strategy that minimizes fees and costs to maximize portfolio gains.

"The traditional ways of investing for retirement won't work in the new era of rock-bottom interest rates and stock market volatility. Slash Your Retirement Risk details why the old methods are destined to fail and lays out in plain language a new financial plan that changes the focus from chasing a return on investment and toward what he calls the 'new ROI'—a reliability of income. Investors at all stages of the journey should heed this advice."
—David Armstrong, editor-in-chief, WealthManagement.com

"Financial expert Chris Cook delivers a step-by-step approach that allows investors to grab upside gains and manage downside protection. If you want a sound retirement plan, Slash Your Retirement Risk is the book for you."
—Daniel Williams, award-winning journalist and business editor; former editor, Retirement Advisor magazine

Investment manager and entrepreneur Chris Cook is a strong proponent of improving investing outcomes by applying scientific fundamentals. He is president and founder of Beacon Capital Management, Inc., a leading consultant and asset manager based in Dayton, Ohio, that serves financial advisors and institutional investors nationwide. Wealth & Finance International called Beacon one of the most innovative advisory firms in the country; Beacon was also named Financial Times Top Registered Investment Advisor for 2016. With his unique investment philosophy that focuses on calculated solutions and preemptive, tactical risk management, Cook is a go-to media expert on investing and financial topics for both consumer and industry. As an in-demand speaker, he also regularly shares his scientific approach to investing with audiences across the country.

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