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SmartReads British Goblins Welsh Folklore, Fairytales and Legends is a delightfully animated and adapted classic for children, teenagers and adults with full-size colour video animations as well as sound effects and music. The story remains true to the brilliant original tale by Wirt Sikes with language that is now modern and easy to understand.

Giglets SmartReads are sometimes famous and sometimes nearly forgotten classics that have been re-imagined and adapted for a modern audience. Although classic literature is brilliant, it so often lies tucked away behind many barriers. Modern readers struggle to find the time, stories that they’ll like, and even to understand language that was written many years and sometimes even hundreds of years ago. Giglets breaks down many of these barriers making these classic texts accessible to new audiences - children, teenagers and adults alike.

Giglets publishes tales that are rich in content, yet reduced in length and complexity, and softened in language for young readers. Giglets aims to familiarise readers with the stories and characters that are interwoven with our modern culture. You can read a Giglets book in 15-20 minutes, and experience a great literary classic. Giglets books hold on to the highs, the action and the fun, the great characters and the best scenes from stories that have been loved for years. Giglets takes a well-known movie script-writing methodology and applies it to old original stories to create the Giglets version of classic literature.

Moreover, each book is also illustrated to highlight key scenes from the narrative to increase the story’s appeal as well as to improve the reader's memory recall. Over time, we aim to add further enhancement such as animation for enjoyment and education.

The Giglets mission is to educate and entertain with excellence. We hope to encourage reading, spread the knowledge of classic literature to a wide and modern audience, and play our part in improving literacy. And that's why these Giglets books are called SmartReads - they are a smart way to get smarter!

Young Adult
November 29
Giglets Limited

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