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✭✭ Do you know you can grill inside your home with a Wood Smoker-Grill? Do you know you can grill not only Meat and Fish but also… Desserts? Are you looking for a complete guide that helps you to grill not only expensive meat in a great way? Grill could be the funniest way to cook! If you want to amaze your family and friends with the best barbecue ever, this book is ideal for you!

The idea of cooking food with wood pellets and smokers is becoming popular because it helps people cook food faster and easier and save a lot of time! However, do you know there are many types of grills? Each of them is specific to certain foods and situations. For example, imagine you at your house when it's winter, and it's raining; instead of looking back to the summer party, you can organize a fantastic barbeque with your friends… inside your home! With the correct knowledge and the right grill, you can choose the proper wood smoker-grill and eat delicious meals!

You have to understand how to use every type of grill to enhance every foods' flavor, and "The Smoker and Grill Bible" will explain to you!

Are you a good smoker? To become a Pit-Master, you have to learn which temperature and wood are ideal for cooking and smoking different meats, fishes, vegetables, and desserts. Are you believe that to eat tasty meats you have to buy only fine ones? That's not true, because it is the cooking technique that gives the real flavor to food! For example, grilling and broiling are two different cooking methods and give the meat a unique flavor. Trying to cook different recipes, you train your grill skills, and you could become a great Pit-Master: so, you will also grill normal meat making a delicious meal!

However, where can you find the right information about the timing and method for grilling?

You need a complete guide of the pellet grill itself that explains the composition, how it works, and which temperature and wood are ideal for cooking and smoking different types of meats, fish, vegetables, and desserts!

"The Smoker and Grill Bible" will provide you exactly everything you need:

✔ Which is the right cooking timing for each food

✔ Awesome techniques to cook on grill your easy and delicious breakfast

✔ Tips to understand by which wood and grill cook every type of food to become a good smoker

✔ How to grill step-by-step your food, with preciseness cooking timing

✔ Not only meat! Choose between more than 80 Vegetarian and Pescatarian recipes

How to cook fine meat at best, like Lamb, Beef, and Pork

✔ Fantastic techniques to cook tasty Desserts on your pellet grill!

✔ A lot of ideas for cooking: not the usual recipes!

How to grill into your home, even if it rains or it is winter!

350+ tasty and easy recipes 

✔ Advanced recipes to improve your skills and became a great Pit-Master!

…And much more!

What are you waiting for? "The Smoker and Grill Bible" is the complete guide that you are looking for!

Ready to start grilling? Click the "BUY NOW" button and BECOME A BBQ PITMASTER! ✭✭

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March 28
Eleanor Fields
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