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Book Ten

Week Ten is upon our group in this bleak apocalyptic world, and a series of runs occur, with our heroes involved, one going smoother than the other.

As Karen, Pickle, Vince and Paul settle in and get used to the new place, it appears that not everybody is pleased with their arrival.

Some of the residents of Colwyn Place are growing concerned about the behaviour of new resident Paul Dickson. Despite Karen, Vince and Pickle fighting his corner, it seems that a few have already made up their mind and want him out.

As the unrest is occurring, the residents of Colwyn Place are unaware that a new threat is looming, something they have never experienced before, and their way of life and their lives in general could be at serious risk.

Book Eleven

The eleventh week is upon our group of survivors and the danger is not letting up for Pickle, Karen, Vince and the rest.

Colwyn Place has had a few days of peace since the spotting of the four bikers, and are visited in person by some of the gang. After the visit turning ugly, the street experiences something that is new to the residents and ends up putting the place under a cloud of depression and fear.

Just as they begin to pick up the pieces, our survivors are visited once more. After a run-in with another gang member, the visit was expected. Their visitor is no other than Drake himself, as well as many gang members. A lot of the hiding residents from Colwyn Place fear the worst, but are surprised that Drake and three others are the only ones to enter the street, whilst the others linger behind the gate.

Pickle wants a peaceful solution and no more lives lost, and surprisingly, so does Drake. On one condition…

Book Twelve

It’s the twelfth week, and our survivors of Colwyn Place are crestfallen. The street is desperate for numbers after Drake’s attack, so a plan to send somebody to recruit outsiders is hatched, as well as another supply run that is orchestrated by Elza Crowe, Ophelia White and young Stephanie Perkins.

Both missions go wrong, and just when Pickle, Karen, Vince and the rest think they have hit rock bottom, an offer from an unlikely source appears, splitting the residents in two.

Do the people leave and go elsewhere, or do they try and rebuild?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 5
Shaun Whittington
Smashwords, Inc.

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