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Are you interested in becoming a truck driver and don’t know where to begin? Good news! “So You Want To Be A Truck Driver” is the place to start if you want to start your career off right. I wish that I had this book to help guide me into the business. This book is designed to empower you on your path to becoming a safe and productive driver. It is full of information that you need to consider before becoming a professional driver. I give you a glimpse into the world of driving a truck and I pass down the knowledge you need so that you can avoid the big mistakes that could cost you early on in your career. I outline the financial aspects of getting into the trucking field and give you some tips that could save you $1,000’s in schooling costs. Don’t go blindly into your future. Take control of your future with “So You Want To Be A Truck Driver!”

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These books are well written from a Driver and Owner Operators point of view. This is a current Owner Operator who is successfully managing his business and home life while being on the road continuously. Very good information for anyone interested or wanting to begin a career in Trucking and the Transportation Industry. Information on how to start and what to expect from someone, not with all the hype of trying to recruit you. These books and the Blog will save you a lot of time energy and frustration getting started and keeping up as you go.

C. Fowler
Driver /trainer/Mentor with 38 years of O.T.R. experience

Becoming a truck driver can be a daunting task. However, it is most definitely a very rewarding choice, if you prepare for the task. No matter what drives your interest in driving a truck professionally, the end goal is the same for everyone – to make money.
So You Want To Be A Truck Driver is packed with tips, information, and personal experience that is invaluable to individuals who aspire to be professional drivers. Gaining insight prior to embarking on the life journey of driving a truck is the key to a successful and safe career.
If you are considering a driving career, then this book is a great source of helpful information that could keep you from making bad choices in the future. Trucking is one of the most vital industries to America’s wellbeing as a nation. Without trucks many of the products we take for granted would not be available to us. Making the right choices as a beginning driver means you will have a part in ensuring that America’s favorite products are delivered in a safe, efficient manner.
The right choices will also ensure that you make money as a driver. Knowing how to make these choices can be achieved through either personal experience, or learning from others who have already achieved the goal. Learning from the experiences of the author, you can prevent expensive mistakes on the road. Don’t let your career be over before it begins. Read this book and get the important facts and tips that will keep you safe and happy as a driver.

Joshua C. Rarrick
Author, Editor, & Journalist

Business & Personal Finance
October 27
Spencer Jensen
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