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A captured spaceship is shot down in Southern Colorado by the Air Force Space Command. Sotuknang is an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (E.B.E.) survivor who is transferred to an underground facility at Schriever AFB. The off-planet Owners have 137 planetary occupants enslaved through the military-industrial complex and by their technology including Earth. Xichinitl is the Chief Scientist sent to interview the EBE as an imprisoned "House Guest." The Facility Controller Zytos is absolute authority of the AFB facility and all 6,000 personnel there except one EBE. Xichinitl is adopted and telepathically mentored by the EBE who befriends him. Both explore a local star Betelgeuse and subsequently inform the scientist of a new understanding of the Electric Universe cosmology model as a variant from the Standard Model, witnesses galactic operation, and understands first hand time travel, space/time vs. time/space dimensional shifting. Xichinitl learn that all Galactic citizens are considered Beloved Equals who live by the law of service to humanity across the Universe called "Unity" and not by the law of the jungle. AFB personnel are led into a rebellion against the Owner's Domain by the Quantum computer programming team who find a "blind spot" in the Owner's Domain central computer called the Orion War Lattice (OWL). By changing the computer timing 1,000 times slower the Schriever personnel are able to defeat the Facility Controller, the security system, and escape from the facility and return to their families. Xichinitl departs with Sotuknang and his spouse Verna Longhair (a fellow scientist) via the same spaceship built by and for Xichinitl in the long past now returning to rescue all who wish to return home and to the galactic Unity system of cooperating planets and Beloved Equals.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 27
Dr. Ray Turner
Smashwords, Inc.

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