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AIDS activists resort to terrorism in the action-packed mystery SOULS ON FIRE. In Austin, Texas, circa 1985, terrorists attack a bank and slaughter innocent civilians while stealing cash. Their motivation for this and later assaults is not devotion to a religion, not revenge for some event, nor out of greed. Their outrage stems from the police and society treating them as less than human. They have AIDS. They have decided to follow the Viking belief that it’s better to die in battle than helplessly in bed. Lt. Neil Kenny, a movie-addicted detective of the Austin Police Department enlists the help of his friend Jim Greenwald, an ex-Green Beret, CIA operative, to help him track down these violent people who use military tactics to raid banks and police stations. The violence escalates and soon copycat attacks happen in other American cities. Will authorities capture or stop these terrorists before more attacks paralyze the city? Buy SOULS ON FIRE to enjoy a fast-paced thriller and discover the surprising conclusion.

Review By K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite:
Souls on Fire is a short work of mystery fiction packed with tension and terror and was penned by author Jay Williams. In this novella-length action tale, we first meet a duo of specialists in Austin: police lieutenant Neil Kenny and his friend Jim Greenwald,former Green Beret, CIA operative. The pair combines their skills and knowledge to track down terrorists with blood on their hands and military precision in their minds: those who have combined bank robbery with the senseless slaughter of the innocent. The year is 1985, and the motives for these blood-driven killers turn out to be a lot more complex and difficult to handle than most as America faces the peak of the AIDS crisis.

Conceptually speaking, this is a fantastic look at homegrown terrorism,discrimination and a unique motivation for violence and bloodshed. It's hard not to come down on both sides of the argument as author Jay Williams presents us with real people doing both bad and good things.Williams's characters are fully rounded people with emotive pasts and realistic skills, tough to develop in such a short and fast-paced thriller. As the mystery unfolds, so do the complex social relations and beliefs at work, making this a great action thriller on the surface,with a whole lot more concept and emotion swelling up underneath. Souls on Fire is a fantastic taste of superb potential from author Jay Williams, and a highly recommended read for fans seeking a quick read filled to the rafters with content.

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 23
Jay Williams
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