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In the villages of Wyck, What’s My Magic? Day is one of trepidation and excitement for all those who recently turned thirteen years of age. This is the day when magic blooms in the digits of the young. Those who are ready to dip a finger in the ashes of wizards gone by, will truly realize, for the first time, what the future might lay in store for them. Will they turn rocks into flowers? Shape-shift into magical creatures or just be able to transform into boring household pets or animals fit for a zoo? If they are lucky, they might just be able to make a living out of their one magical trait. Whatever the outcome, they would have never thought What’s My Magic? Day would turn into utter chaos.
As Kar races with his faithful friends, Jack and Haylen, against time to save his parents from Lucas Nosty, a classmate turned evil, Lillian with one foot larger than the other, steps in to do what she can to save the village from destruction and keep the powers-to-be at bay.
With Jack and Haylan not far behind, Kar crosses Mount Footsteps, gets caught up in a ceremony of rejuvenation, sails across a giant lake to the hideout of his ancient ancestors and kindles a friendship with a dragon guarding a desert swimming pool. In the meantime, Lillian, whose only claim to fame is to shape-shift into a bunny, works it to her advantage, as she spies on a treacherous neighbor and flies with a shady character over forbidden lands.
With all of this commotion going on they get unlikely help from Secret Ingredient, a tiny creature living in a bottle and doing his best to make his living circumstances as peaceful as possible, as he is whisked away to help in a race against time.

Young Adult
October 23
Christina Waymreen
Smashwords, Inc.

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