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The Space Phonics Reader presents 8 sounds from Phonics 4.  The Safari Phonics Reader presents the other 7 sounds from Phonics 4. The featured sounds are colour coded and one or two appear in each paragraph.  This makes these reader books fun to read out loud because of the concentration of sounds that sound the same. 
The Space story is beautifully and accurately illustrated by Geoffrey Cox - a New Zealand illustrator who's artwork has appeared in many books and even on New Zealand stamps and museum displays.  As your children learn to sound out and recognise words, they will also be increasing their knowledge of the world in which they live.  For example, the bright rings of Saturn and the high volcano on Mars from the Reading Master Planets FlashBook are mentioned in this phonics reader.
Words are highlighted as they are read in video mode. Animations occur on each page after it has been read out loud. Commonly used words in English and in the book are provided as flashcards with audio file.
Reading Master teaches how to speak English and English pronunciation and how to improve English. It teaches reading skills with English phonetics. All of the phonics in this book consist of more than one letter and one three letter phoneme "igh" is also introduced. This three letter phoneme has only the one sound attached to it.
Ideal English for beginners of any age. Learn to talk English with a video tutor teaching you how to pronounce words and phonemes. Where there is more than one sound for the phoneme, both sounds are introduced. e.g. "ew as in new" and also "ew as in sew".
Reading Master is great for children with learning disabilities including dyslexia and autism.
Phonics One, Phonics Two, Phonics Three, Phonics Four and Phonics Five together cover all of the English phonetics. For each Phonics book there are two Readers illustrating the English phonetics in a lovely, beautifully illustrated story.
Learn English with ease with Reading Master phonics system.
English for kids/English for adults/English as a second language.
Find us at http://www.readingmaster.com and http://www.facebook.com/readingmaster.

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