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I am a female sex slave that likes it rough. The qualities in a man that I like include spanking, biting, rough sex, mental dominance, bondage and discipline. I want someone to intimidate me by using his looks, by his actions, gestures, playing mind games and making me feel guilty. I want someone to make all the decisions for me, to be the king of the castle :) I can be bratty at times but I can take the punishments I earn and expect to be punished often! I know what I want and what I like. My man takes a weak woman unable to face the world and teaches her to be a strong woman, weak only to him. I love the sadistic side to a man and enjoy his having total control over me. I like to be taken forcibly and to be forced to serve in general.

I am also a lady that makes her living off of being spanked. I love how my butt is almost always warm and marked.

I also have a wonderful, though sexually sadist Master who I play with as all this spanking sure makes me horny.

My butt can take a lot of abuse and good thing because folks who pay to spank me, really want to get their money's worth. Often they spank me as hard and as long as they physically can. These spankings often make me cry.

Often I'm stripped naked and tied down to a wooden platform for a long, hard strapping and/or paddling. That's however only after they've first given me a good over their knee spanking.

Yes it hurts a lot but it pays the bills and gets me so excited.

I'll now tell you in full detail about all my spankings.

This publication contains five ebooks which are normally sold separately. Your ebooks are presented in this order:

1) Central America's Secret Prison for Submissive Ladies
2) Bed Arrest, the Punishment for BDSM Enthusiasts
3) Anal Sex: 14 Male/female Anal Ses Stories
4) Spanked Before, During & After Sex: The Life of a Spanked Callgirl
5) The Absolutely Essential Guide to Erotic Breast Massage

Publisher's Note: This publication contains explicit sexual content and BDSM related situations. All sexually active characters are at least 18 years of age.

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May 7
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