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Spiritual Embezzlement Made Easy (or How NOT to Run a Church) - The Christian church in America today is ineffective at transforming society. Most of our youth drop out after graduation and the average age of churchgoers keeps rising every year. Meanwhile its influence on society has declined almost to the point of vanishing. After 400 years America is no longer a “Christian” nation. In a nation founded by Christians and originally settled for the very purpose of religious liberty our religious liberties are constantly under attack by the now secular majority. Spiritual Embezzlement Made Easy examines the causes of the decline of the Church in modern America today and proposes solutions. The author has served the church in every capacity a layman is allowed: teacher, Sunday School superintendent, janitor, youth group leader, as a deacon and on the church governing board. He’s taught Sunday School, vacation Bible schools (including one on the Navajo Indian reservation), AWANA, been a summer camp counselor, done home visitation, door-to-door cold calling to present the Gospel, participated in Christmas pageants and small groups, and organized, cooked for and cleaned up after banquets and dinners and breakfasts of all sorts in Christian and Missionary Alliance churches as well as Evangelical Free, Community, Methodist, Presbyterian and several varieties of Baptist churches. I don’t think anybody could be more knowledgeable about what goes on inside of churches in America from a layman’s point of view. Is the Church today doomed to cultural irrelevance? Can it be saved? Find out in Spiritual Embezzlement Made Easy. Written in a humorous and irreverent manner, it displays our church traditions and administrative practices in a manner where readers can see the Emperor has no clothes and what needs to be done to get him dressed again.

Religion & Spirituality
July 26
M.E. Brines
Smashwords, Inc.

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