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New York Times bestselling author Lorelei James returns for another wild ride in Wyoming with a new Blacktop Cowboys® novel.

Years in the Army equipped Bailey Masterson for many things: target shooting, rappelling off cliffs, dodging grenades. She's lived through horrors that still give her nightmares. But nothing in Bailey's life-or-death training prepared her for caring for the tiny terror that is five-year-old Olivia Hale. Or how to control her raging attraction to Olivia's father, Streeter, the rugged, green-eyed cattle rancher who undermines her every move even when he stars in her dreams.

Streeter Hale has room for only two things in his life: his daughter and his job. He doesn't date. He doesn't get attached. Not anymore. So not only is Streeter stunned by Olivia's improved behavior after just a few days with Bailey, he's downright floored by his immediate attraction to the woman. But with secrets in her eyes and a body that doesn't quit, Streeter begins to worry that Bailey Masterson might just be the one woman to heal his fractured family and broken heart.

One thing's for sure--these two wrecked souls are spinning out of control as they desperately try not to fall in love...

November 5
Penguin Publishing Group
Penguin Random House Canada

Customer Reviews

Sandy Sch ,

4.25stars—heart breaking and captivating

4.25 stars- SPUN OUT is the tenth instalment in Lorelei James’ contemporary, adult BLACKTOP COWBOYS erotic, romance series. This is thirty-six year old Split Rock Ranch foreman, widower and single father Streeter Hale, and thirty year old, US Army soldier Sgt. Bailey Masterson’s story line. SPUN OUT can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary. Bailey is Liberty Masteron’s sister (Hillbilly Rockstar#6) and Streeter is Tobin Hale’s brother (Hang Tough #8).

NOTE: The story line focuses on issues of depression and suicide that may be triggers for more sensitive readers.

Told from dual third person perspectives (Bailey and Streeter) SPUN OUT follows the building relationship between thirty-six year old ranch foreman Streeter Hale, and thirty year old, US Army soldier Sgt. Bailey Masterson. On leave from the army, Sgt. Bailey Masterson finds herself struggling to fit in upon her return home. Volunteering to help run her sister’s struggling clothing store (Wild West Clothiers), and look after her sister’s rambunctious children, Bailey is asked if she would like to take over the Split Rock Ranch and Resort summer day camp but our heroine offers to run a military style boot camp instead. Enter Streeter Hale, whose five year old daughter is among the children about to come under the command of Sgt. Bailey Masterson. What ensues is the building relationship and romance between Streeter and Bailey, and the potential fall-out as Bailey keeps too many secrets from the man with whom she will fall in love.

Streeter Hale is a widower raising his five year old daughter, a young child with emotional issues that are often uncontrolled. Meeting Bailey Masterson finds Streeter thinking about stepping out of his comfort zone, something he hasn’t done in a very long time. Bailey Masterson struggles with her attraction to Streeter Hale knowing her time at Split Rock Ranch comes with an expiry date but Bailey is keeping secrets from family and friends, secrets she believes are going to affect her relationship with our story line hero.

The relationship between Bailey and Streeter is one of immediate attraction but Streeter struggles with work and home life, leaving very little time for anything else. Agreeing to ‘casually’ date, Bailey offers a no-strings attached relationship, a relationship that is about to turn into something more. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate but I struggle with the author’s use of a certain four-letter word that I dislike in my romance story lines.

There is a large ensemble cast of colorful secondary and supporting characters including Streeter’s five year old daughter Olivia; Streeter’s brother Tobin and his wife Jade (Hang Tough); Streeter’s former in-laws, several nieces and nephews on both sides of the relationship; Bailey’s sister Harper and her husband Bran (Saddled and Spurred #2), Renner and Tierney Jackson plus Janie and Abe (owners of Split Rock Ranch)and a large number of ranch hands.

SPUN OUT is a story of grief and acceptance; depression and desperation; struggle, second chances, friendship, romance and love. The premise is engaging, heart breaking, and captivating; the characters are broken, coping, colorful and energetic; the romance is seductive and intense. SPUN OUT focuses on the affects of depression and suicide on those struggling to cope but also in the aftermath and on those left behind to move forward after a devastating loss.

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