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The beloved author has gone to his eternal reward, he is “the blessed of the Lord forever”; but he has left with us this last precious legacy, which draws our hearts heavenward after him.

It stands alone in its sacred and sorrowful significance. It is the tired worker’s final labor of love for his Lord. It is the last sweet song from lips that were ever sounding forth the praises of his king. It is the dying shout of victory from the standard-bearer, who bore his captain’s colors unflinchingly through the thickest of the fight.

• Chapter 1:1-17: The Pedigree of The King

• Chapter 1:18-25: The Birth of the King

• Chapter 2: The King Appearing and the King Assailed

• Chapter 3:1-12: The Herald of The King

• Chapter 3:13-17: The King Designated And Anointed

• Chapter 4:1-11: The King Begins His Reign by a Combat With The Prince Of Darkness

• Chapter 4:12-25: The King Setting Up

• Chapter 5:1-12: The King Promulgates The Laws Of His Kingdom

• Chapter 5:17-20: Our King Honors His Father’s Law

• Chapter 5:21-48: The King Corrects Traditional Law

• Chapter 6:1-18: The King Contrasts The Laws Of His Kingdom With The Conduct Of Outward Religionists In The Matters Of Alms And Prayer

• Chapter 6:19-34: The King Gives Commands As To The Cares Of This Life

• Chapter 7:1-12: The King Continues To Regulate The Behavior Of His Subjects

• Chapter 7:13-23: The King Teaches His Servants To Discern And To Distinguish

• Chapter 7:24-29: The King Sums Up His Discourse

• Chapter 8:1-18: The King, Having Spoken In Wisdom, Works With Power

• Chapter 8:19-22: Our King Discerning His True Followers

• Chapter 8:23-27: Our King Ruling The Sea

• Chapter 8:28-34: The King Driving Legions Before Him

• Chapter 9:1-8: The King Continues To Display His Royal Power

• Chapter 9:9-13: The Grace Of The Kingdom

• Chapter 9:14-17: The Joy Of The Kingdom

• Chapter 9:18-26: The King’s Dominion Over Disease And Death

• Chapter 9:27-31: The King’s Touch Healing The Blind

• Chapter 9:32-35: The King And Those Possessed With Devils

• Chapter 9:36-38: The King Pitying The Multitudes

• Chapter 10:1-15: The King Commissioning His Officers

• Chapter 10:16-25: The King’s Messengers May Expect To Be Maltreated

• Chapter 10:26-42: The King Cheering His Champions

• Chapter 11:1: The King Supports His Messengers By His Own Appearing

• Chapter 11:2-19: The King Vindicates and Cheers His Herald

• Chapter 11:20-30: The King’s Warnings, Rejoicings, And Invitations

• Chapter 12:1-13: Our King As Lord Of The Sabbath

• Chapter 12:14-21: Our King In The Majesty Of His Peacefulness

• Chapter 12:22-37: Our King And The Powers Of Darkness

• Chapter 12:38-42: Our King Challenged To Give A Sign

• Chapter 12:43-45: Our King Unveiling The Tactics Of The Arch-Enemy

• Chapter 12:46-50: Our King And His Earthly Relatives

• Chapter 13:1-53: Our King Sets Forth Seven Parables Of His Kingdom

• Chapter 13:54-58: The King In His Own Country

• Chapter 14:1-12: The King’s Herald Slain

• Chapter 14:13-22: Our King Gives A Great Banquet

• Chapter 14:23-36: The King Ruling Winds And Waves

• Chapter 15:1-20: Our King Combating Formalists

• Chapter 15:21-28: Our King And The Woman Of Canaan

• Chapter 15:29-39: The King Gives Another Banquet

• Chapter 16:1-4: The King And His Chosen Sign

• Chapter 16:5-12: The King Misunderstood By His Own

• Chapter 16:13-28: The King Alone With His Friends

• Chapter 17:1-13: Our King Transfigured In Glory

• Chapter 17:14-21: The King Returning To The Field Of Conflict

• Chapter 17:22-23: Again The King Speaks Of His Death

• Chapter 17:24-27: Our King And The Tribute Money

• Chapter 18:1-5: The King Arranges Rank In His Kingdom

• Chapter 18:6-14: Our King’s Warning Against Offenses, Especially Those Which Injure The Little Ones

• Chapter 18:15-35: The King’s Law Concerning Offenses

• Chapter 19:1-12: The King And The Marriage Laws

• Chapter 19:13-15: The Great King Among The Little Children

• Chapter 19:16-30: The King Settles The Order Of Precedence

• Chapter 20:1-16: A Parable Of The Kingdom

• Chapter 20:17-28: The King On His Way To The Cross

• Chapter 20:29-34: The King Opening The Eyes Of The Blind

• Chapter 21:1-11: The King Rides Triumphantly Into His Capital

• Chapter 21:12-14: The King Cleanses The Temple

• Chapter 21:15-16: The King Acknowledges The Children’s Acclamations

• Chapter 21:17-22: The King Gives A Token Of The Judgment Of Jerusalem, And Of The Power Of Prayer

• Chapter 21:23-32: The King Confounds And Warns His Enemies

• Chapter 21:33-44: The King Makes His Enemies Judge Themselves

• Chapter 21:45-46: The King’s Enemies Plot Against Him

• Chapter 22:1-14: Parable Of The Marriage Of The King’s Son

• Chapter 22:15-22: The King’s Enemies Try To Ensnare Him

• Chapter 22:23-33: The King And The Sadducees

• Chapter 22:34-40: The King Tested By A Lawyer

• Chapter 22:41-46: The King Asking Questions

• Chapter 23:1-12: The King’s Warning Against False Teachers

• Chapter 23:13-33: The King Pronouncing Woes

• Chapter 23:34-39: The King’s Farewell To His Capital

• Chapter 24:1-2: The King And His Father’s House

• Chapter 24:3-31: The King Answers Difficult Questions

• Chapter 24:32-41: The King Speaks Of The Time Of His Coming

• Chapter 24:42-51: The King Commands His Servants To Watch

• Chapter 25:1-13: The King And His Marriage Procession

• Chapter 25:14-30: The Parable Of The Talents

• Chapter 25:31-46: The Royal And Universal Judge

• Chapter 26:1-5: The King Prophesying: His Enemies Plotting

• Chapter 26:6-13: The King Anointed For His Burial

• Chapter 26:14-16: The Betrayer’s Bargain

• Chapter 26:17-30: The Last Passover And The New Memorial

• Chapter 26:31-35: The King Again Prophesying: Peter Protesting

• Chapter 26:36-46: The King Beneath The Olive-Trees

• Chapter 26:47-56: The King’s Betrayal

• Chapter 26:57-68: The King Before The Jewish High Priest

• Chapter 26:69-75: The King Denied By His Disciple

• Chapter 27:1-2: The King Taken To Pilate

• Chapter 27:3-10: The Traitor’s Remorse And Suicide

• Chapter 27:11-26: Jesus: Pilate: Barabbas

• Chapter 27:27-31: The King Mocked By The Soldiers

• Chapter 27:32-38: The King Crucified

• Chapter 27:39-49: Mocking The Crucified King

• Chapter 27:50-54: “It Is Finished”

• Chapter 27:55-61: The King’s Faithful Friends

• Chapter 27:62-66: Guarding The King’s Sepulchre

• Chapter 28:1-7: The Empty Sepulchre

• Chapter 28:8-10: The Risen King

• Chapter 28:11-15: Falsehood And Bribery

Charles Haddon Spurgeon (June 19, 1834 – January 31, 1892) was a British Baptist preacher, still known as the “Prince of Preachers”. In his lifetime, Spurgeon preached to around 10,000,000 people, often up to 10 times a week at different places. His sermons have been translated into many languages. Spurgeon was the pastor of the New Park Street Chapel in London for 38 years. He was part of several controversies with the Baptist Union of Great Britain, and later had to leave that denomination. Throughout his life, Spurgeon suffered from depression and other mental illnesses. In 1857, he started a charity organisation called Spurgeon’s which now works globally. He also founded Spurgeon’s College, which was named after him after his death.

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