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The 106th was the last of 66 US Infantry Divisions to be activated during WWII. Before leaving for its first active service abroad in Europe it lost many of the most experienced men and officers to drafts to other divisions and units. Partly trained, inexperienced and green the 106th Division took over from the 2nd Division in the Schnee Eiffel, a rugged hilly, densely wooded area of the Ardennes. The line was over 26 miles long, five times the recommended length for a division, but the higher command were unconcerned as they believed that the German Army was a spent force.
Five days after taking over the line the 106th Division found that they were directly in the line of advance for the last great German offensive of the war, their struggle had just begun in what was later known as the Battle of the Bulge. The 106th fought with great determination and courage, but faced overwhelming odds of heavily tank-supported Wehrmacht units, two of its regiments surrendered en masse having being surrounded. The remaining units of the 106th fought many numerous delaying engagements and at the vital crossroads of St. Vith were involved in the valiant stand that did much to unhinge the timetable of the entire German advance. Having done much to stop the German’s last roll of the dice, they were pulled out of the line having suffered horrendous casualties.
Colonel Dupuy writes with justified pride in the conduct of the 106th but unlike other writers is scrupulously honest and unbiased. Accounted by many veterans as the most accurate account of the Battle of the Bulge in this area, the 106th tale needs no exaggeration of their heroic actions during the Ardennes offensive.

August 15
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