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The biblical marriage pact has remained consistent in its interpretation since the beginning of mankind. That is to say "what therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder." Mark 10-9. The separation component has often become commonplace, human nature being what it is.
Lust, cupidity or even insatiability tend to be the foremost character traits in reaching outside of one’s marital vows—consequences be damned!
A redheaded Irene Finnerty is a nationally known and respected police psychologist with the Chicago PD. A drastic event happens that changes her life while on a trip to New Orleans. She’s influenced by the elusive Reni Breaux, a young hired gun. Extreme violence and the obsession to murder man or woman become Irene’s quest.
Simian, a former teenage vicious killer is released from prison in Columbia and scrambles to head World Funds, LTD. The organization headquartered in Quebec is the clearinghouse for worldwide contracted assassinations. Reni Breaux facilitates the introduction of Finnerty to Simian. Former navy SEAL Denis Sweeny and his cohort Sam Semanski get involved with far-reaching outcomes.
Irene agrees to rework her physical identity to propel her new profession. Now the renamed, brownish-blond Erin Boyle engages in killing under contract. Her specialty is terminating the lives of unsuspecting, unfaithful spouses.
Offended marriage partners are willing to pay an exorbitant amount of money to rid themselves of the deep embarrassment and loss of dignity they’ve suffered through the selfish acts of their wedded spouses.
Murky maneuvering and intrigue follows Erin to Quebec City, Savannah and Charleston on challenging assignments.
Success breeds contempt. Can Erin Boyle survive a drastic change of events threatening her very existence? Will Erin become the victim of her own heightened malice?

Mysteries & Thrillers
April 2
John C Payne
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