Star Fantasy: The Voice of Darkness

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The war is being lost and soon the Goblins will return to enslave the planet they were once banished from.
Guided by a dark and sinister voice which has invaded his mind, the Goblin King has united his people and brought a vicious war to the galaxy, all in an attempt to regain the planet they were once banished from. They form an alliance with a group of space dwelling half-castes to create an unstoppable force.
Meanwhile, on the planet Eltheran, a powerful wizard has been woken from his 3,000 year sleep into a very different world that he barely recognises. Magic has been replaced by the advancing technology of a world under threat from the Goblin invasion. Sensing there is more to the war than just an act of revenge the mysterious wizard Sebastian seeks out the surviving bloodline of the Warrior Tribe, a group of magical warriors he once created several millennia ago. He finds the last surviving member of the 'Tribe' as the Captain of the Imperial Flagship.
Captain Karel Ulrich, unaware of his magical heritage, is forced to take Sebastian onboard as a special advisor on a mission to a planet far beyond Imperial Space. The voyage takes them through a region of space dominated by Necromancer wizards, who draw their magic from the dead, and deep into the heart of Goblin territory.
On their journey Karel has to deal with the mysterious wizard's private agenda; his wife suffering from debilitating visions of the future; a Necromancer dying from a magical disease and still fight the war which he learns is routed to a legend from 3,000 years in the past.
The Overlords are returning to bring the next Age of Darkness.
Star Fantasy: The Voice of Darkness.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 26
John A. Ferguson
Draft2Digital, LLC

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