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Do you find remembering the exact dates for each star sign a bit of a challenge?

Do you find yourself referring to your favourite star sign book more often than you'd like?

If so, this is the book for you.

This book details a simple memory system that can teach anyone to recall the star sign for a given birth date. Not only that, it teaches a unique way to remember the character traits of each sign and their compatibility with one another.

If you're fed up being vague about star sign dates and meanings instead of looking truly knowledgable then this book can help you learn this information once and for all.

+ Discover how you can quickly connect each month to each sign using your imagination alone

+ Find out how to become 87% accurate with star sign dates almost immediately

+ Learn a unique system to help you remember the meanings of each sign and their compatibility with others

+ Get up to 100% accurate in a matter of days or even hours

+ Includes 12 flash cards to help you study*

+ Also includes audio exercises to help lock the system in place*

If you're a complete novice or dabbler, this system will give you a strong mental structure on which to build upon.

If you're fairly well versed in star signs but still find the dates a problem, this book can help you too (as well as giving you some interesting food for thought.)

Seasoned professionals need not apply, this is a book for the rest of us!

* Downloadable on registration, see link at end of book

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27 juillet
The Cold Reading Company
Julian Maurice Moore

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