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Welcome to Sexy Men…Sassy Women

A bestselling author, a medevac pilot, a hotshot lawyer, a bodyguard, a football coach and a children’s book author…all sexy, sensitive men who can be stubborn and infuriating.

A reclusive artist, a CEO, a family court judge, a businesswoman, a college professor and a celebrity food channel host… all successful, smart and sassy women who try to tame the men they love.

Kathryn Shay would like to thank Mercy Flight Base in Canandaigua, New York, which served as the basis for her research for this book. She is grateful for all the hours the dedicated pilots, paramedics and staff spent with her.

In STAY WITH ME, Guardian Flight Base, a search and rescue air ambulance service, needs another helicopter and Alexis Castle has come to Catasaga Lake to see if her company, Castle Industries, deems them worthy of grant money. She finds out that they are very deserving, but not before she falls in love with their head pilot, Spence Keagan, a set-in-his-ways, untrusting man. Both Spence and Alexis know getting involved smacks of impropriety, but they can’t help themselves. They’re further bound together when their two kids, both of whom are estranged from their parents, form a bond of their own. Complicated and intense, this relationship sets the stage for some high powered action and passionate love scenes.

Praise for STAY WITH ME:

"One of the best features of this romance is the authentic air ambulance/search and rescue backdrop. I enjoyed reading this family focused romance." 

“STAY WITH ME is a warm relationship drama that highlights the interchange between three generations of two dysfunctional families. The lead characters, their fathers and their children behave like real people struggling to find a connection between one another. Kathryn Shay, whose firefighter series was a blazing success, scores with another triumph that echoes the need of love and understanding to forge a bonded family.”

"Shay's research is, of course, extensive, but she doesn't beat you over the head with it. The details of what it is to be part of a helicopter rescue team are there, but more importantly, her characters make it all human." All About Romance

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January 14
Kathryn Shay
Mary C. Schaefer

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