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Two strangers traveling along the same path become attracted to each other. Their encounter allowed them to share in varies sexual play etc.
Although Johann had never experienced sexual behavior in this manner she was quickly adapting. Control was something she was very familiar with, however being submissive to a man created a new level of intrigue. Unlike Isaac who was all too familiar with the role. He enjoyed a challenge which most successful women possessed.
Sexy, chic and accomplished in her career as a Marketing agent, Johann Jones was sort after. Not only for her talent in fashion design but also her appearance which was that of a sex symbol. Tall and curvy with voluptuous breasts men found her appetizing to watch. Accepting her beauty allowed her to walk with confidence and a sense of arrogance.
The nature of her work forced her to be surrounded by models equally beautiful and confident. Although she didn’t share their desires to be thin she did admire their sex appeal. Living in SoHo, New York allowed her to mingle with very affluent people. Every night was an adventure whether attending a high society function or participating in an international fashion show. Her schedule was blocked for months at a time.
Men would always flock to her and buy her expensive things to spend time with her. Although she enjoyed sex it sometimes seemed mundane to her. Always the same approach either missionary or doggy style the need for more motivated her. To add adventure she started having one night stand with colleagues just for fun. This sometimes made it awkward because she didn’t want a commitment only sex.
Suave and debonair Isaac Radcliff shared a double life of a business man and an exhibitionist. As a consultant for an International Investment company Isaac was always on the go. This allowed him to meet people daily mainly beautiful women. As an exhibitionist he would use his position and personality to persuade women to submit to his desires. He enjoyed taking sexual control and seducing them.
His tall physical build gave him sex appeal. Usually dressed in nicely fitted suits, women enjoyed watching him walk. Smooth tan complexion and thick curly hair along with light brown eyes his voice was infectious. Causing the women too always want more before exposing them to his private club.
As member of a sex club he would only expose successfully beautiful and sexy women to his open sex world. Where voyeurism, exhibitionism and sex with strangers and submissive and dominatrix behavior was enjoyed and welcomed.

January 21
Charmin Kardon
Smashwords, Inc.

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